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    I'm starting to have doubts - please motivate me

    I've been doing a SLAM since last Thursday. I've gone from deep green, bubbling (some big as watermelons) swamp to the most beautiful light blue. So pretty I wanna get in, but... Its still opaque. I cant see more than 2.5' down. Thats a big improvement, but still. Any encouragement out there?
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    How do I get rid of all this stuff?

    So I'm doing a SLAM and I have a LOT of empty bleach bottles, boxes and shock packets. Before I started the SLAM, I have muratic acid bottles, borax boxes. Also, over the last 2 years that we've had the pool, and the stuff left over from previous owners, we have near empty bottles of blue...
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    Like getting socks for Christmas - pool is still green

    So i got everything balanced yesterday and added algicide to it last night. This morning nothing has changed at all. Still deep green. I read to beat certain algea I need to keep FC at around 30 - how do I test for that?? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    Howdy howdy! My name is Lee and we have had this pool for about 2.5 years. (been lots of fun until this summer, but you can read about that in the Getting Started thread) I bought this house because of the shop out back, but I think its more like my wife allowed me to buy it because of the...
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    Howdy Howdy!

    So, we've been fighting our pool all season now. We've put somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 worth of chemicals in the pool and its still green / opaque. So far we have: Shocked multiple times changed sand in filter put chlorine tablets in both chlorinator and skimmer basket algicide...