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    Need to install new spa & pool lights, is it hard?

    Thanks Rob, I was thinking of attaching the new wire to the old wire right at the light fixture and pulling that through one time, not a good idea though? So I understand, you're saying I'll pull through the string from junction box to the light assembly, then attach the new wire and pull that...
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    Need to install new spa & pool lights, is it hard?

    Thank you Arizonarob and guinness. It appears that I have to replace the whole thing, looks like it's just one unit. I bought the whole unit with 100' of wire since it's on the far side of the electrical area.
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    Need to install new spa & pool lights, is it hard?

    My spa light is out and my pool light is intermittent. I ordered the new spa light (Hayward SP0535SLED100) but haven't put it in yet. I've seen some videos and with the right safety (breakers, etc) it doesn't seem to hard to DIY, thoughts? Thanks, Jeff
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    Are these Calcium deposits?

    Any ideas how to remove and keep from reforming? FC 6 CH 175 (adding more calcium) TA 80 CYA 60 pH 7.8
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    Hurricane - Chemistry following Harvey Flooding

    Thanks Mr Bruce. Any thoughts on the potential of sewage in the water? Will Bleach clear it up? Got the FC up to 12+ and am going to get some CYA now, have to figure out from Pool Math how much I'll need. Appreciate the update.
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    Hurricane - Chemistry following Harvey Flooding

    Hi All, we are getting back to pool maintenance, post-Harvey, and had a few questions to run past the forum. We got 30" of rain, but I loaded the pool up on bleach before the storm. We then evacuated for a week. No home damage, fortunately, so now I can focus on the pool. I drained partially...
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    Why are my spa lights changing colors so rapidly?

    Hi, I've got a light in my pool and one in my spa. I don't know the make, but can look. The problem is the spa light is very rapidly changing colors, at least once a second, it's almost like a strobe light. Has anyone had this happen, any ideas what could cause that? Thanks, Jeff
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    Culprit for burning eyes?

    Ok thanks, appreciate the reply.
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    Culprit for burning eyes?

    Hey jblizzle, just curious on this more accurate test... I have had burning eye issues for a couple weeks and I'm trying to figure out why. Numbers are below, and everything seems fine, so I figured I'd try to see if there was a CC issue. This test is a little tough for me anyway, since color...
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    TX Torrential rains & my recent SLAM

    I figured it out, somewhat. I suspect with 6-10 inches of rain, I probably did get some run off from the yard, but there's more. We had another big rain storm last weekend, and I noticed my yard and pool patio drains were slow to drain and I saw them back up back into the pool. If you look...
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    TX Torrential rains & my recent SLAM

    Hi, so I just finished my first SLAM 2 weeks ago and enjoyed a clean clear pool with great numbers until the storms hit. Monday night we had torrential downpours overnight in Houston, between 6-10 inches fell, and I woke up to a Pre-SLAM looking pool, in just 12 hours! The numbers and picture...
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    Algae detection?

    Hi Jason, was just following along this thread and was curious why you say CC almost always stays at zero with algae, isn't that one of the conditions we're testing for when SLAM'ing? My thought was the presence of CC's meant you were killing algae or something, so it should show up as greater...
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    Am I on the right track??

    Good work, almost there. As someone mentioned, the last part seems to take the longest, just like a drive for vacation... Did you take the ladder out to clean it? That will speed it up/complete it.
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    Full week of slamming and not much progress Pics included.

    Good luck, excited to hear about the pool party! I know it hurts to have drained, but you may have been too close for comfort. Once you get it filled, and retest, then you'll know what to do to keep it clear, and not by listening to the pool guys or pool store.
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    New pool Just received TF-100 Kit Fun Fun Fun

    FC of 4-5 looks right, based on CYA of 30. Minimum is 2-3, so just make sure you stay above that. Good tips on lowering TA here. And by the way, my wife thinks I'm crazy with how excited I am with my TF-100...I think that's normal for "us"...
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    Opening the swamp 2015

    You're getting close, keep it up. I've got a cartridge filter and had to clean them so many times, but that's a good sign. Glad you got the mechanics fixed, it's nice when you don't have to clean the filter all day right?! Good luck, Jeff
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    First (and last) SLAM Completed - My Thoughts and Advice

    Long story short, bad pool store advice had me keeping my FC at 1-3 with pucks (adding CYA in the process), with me allowing it to go to zero, not knowing any better. Enter Algae, more pool store bad advice, lots of money spent on quick fixes, and constantly clogging cartridge filters for a...
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    SLAM in Process - Need Help!

    Good job, and welcome. You're on your way, just keep that shock level as much as humanly possible, you'll get there. Jeff
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    First Slam tonight. FC consumption!!

    Funny posts on this SLAM... The deuterium level joke was way over my head though. Just finished a SLAM myself and I'm sure the bags of jugs at the end of my driveway were getting some double takes on recycling night. That's a lot of consumption, but sounds like there's a lot to eat up. I'd...
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    My first slam, need advice.

    Looks good, making serious progress! My mantra was "One and Done", so the hard work will pay off and then it's just maintenance... :p Jeff
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    Full week of slamming and not much progress Pics included.

    I'll let the TFP pro's comment on the timing, I'm pulling for ya! I just finished my SLAM and I learned that keeping that FC at shock level was the most important thing. Also, I took out my pool lights and cleaned them and the housing they're in. I was close to done, and that seemed to finish...
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    What a mess

    Keep it up, you'll get there! I was in a very similar spot, bad pool store advice had me adding pucks to keep the FC way to low, while raising my CYA to 140. I had to drain half my pool to lower the CYA to 85. So my SLAM took an FC of 35, lot's of bleach... Having been through it now, I know...
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    Newbie Starting Third Week of Slam

    Good job Kraypd! I know it can be a process, having just finished my SLAM over the weekend. It took me 2 weeks, but I didn't pull my lights out to clean them right away, and I think that slowed my progress. Glad you did yours Sounds like you and I got the same bad pool store advice, be nice...
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    First SLAM Prep - Ready to get this Algae!

    It PASSED! I ran the OCLT last night and didn't lose any FC this morning! Less than .5 CC, and it's totally clear, SLAM complete. Now I can get on with enjoying the pool, Trouble Free this summer. I'll write up a summary post for other newbies, in order to condense the last 2 weeks, but...
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    First SLAM Prep - Ready to get this Algae!

    Hope so Kim! I messaged you on my great dane, not sure if you saw, just figured I'd take that offline. Will run the OCLT tomorrow or Friday night, will let you know how it goes! Jeff
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    First SLAM Prep - Ready to get this Algae!

    Dan, bdex, and all, I did take both lights out, spa and pool, and cleaned them. It was a bit of a pain to get the spa light out, and back in, but the pool light was actually pretty easy. Inside the housing a bunch of cloudy water came out and there was a green algae at the bottom of the...
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    First SLAM Prep - Ready to get this Algae!

    Update: The FC dropped 3.5ppm overnight, so the SLAM continues. I would've thought I'd be done now. I've been keeping the levels at 35 as much as possible, brushing the pool, cleaning the filters, etc, is there something that could cause the SLAM to take longer? Or is this average, it's been...
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    First SLAM Prep - Ready to get this Algae!

    Good points Dan and bdex, I hate to skip a piece, so I'll give it another shot. Thanks, Jeff
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    First SLAM Prep - Ready to get this Algae!

    Hi Lisa, the SLAM continues, was hoping I'd pass the OCLT overnight, but our FC went from 32.5 to 30, with still a little CC reading. I actually can't see the difference, but my wife's color vision is better ;) That's my challenge, when we're talking one drop, I'm having a hard time telling...
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    Dumped 40% CYA still at 85, I'm slamming 3 days now

    I'm in the middle of a high CYA SLAM as well. I had algae and a CYA of 120+, and drained half the water to get it down to 85. I'm shocking at an FC level of 35, and hoping to pass the OCLT and CC test in the morning. I've been at it for 8 days now, and know I'm pretty close, but I'm not...