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  1. Hayward Pool

    Hayward Aqua Rite Repair question

    If you switched cells and the unit is working fine, my guess is the cell needs to be replaced. I sent you a private message to talk over the phone.
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    Flow Switch for Goldline SWG

    I am a little concerned where the pricing is coming from as I went on Amazon and saw a GLX FLO RP for $51.09
  3. Hayward Pool

    T-Cell Voltage Sensor Short

    What exactly is the unit saying on the screen or what lights a lit up?
  4. Hayward Pool

    salter not wroking

    The Inyo pools TS guide is very good. I would first of all clean the cell as per the manual or our video on YouTube. It the inspect cell and check salt light are still on the most likely culprit is the cell. How old is the cell?
  5. Hayward Pool

    Omni logic pool lights not emitting full power

    Are these 12v or 120volt lights? Have you taken meter power readings off the wires leading to the lights?
  6. Hayward Pool

    Aqua Rite Strange Salt Level Reading

    No one has stated if the salt level has been checked independently. I am leaning towards low salt.
  7. Hayward Pool

    No chlorine!!! New chlorinator installed

    I take it the front of the AquaRite reads power on and generating. If not something else may be wrong.
  8. Hayward Pool

    SWCG Faulty?

    Sounds like low salt. Have salt tested with an alternate testing device.
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    Aqua Trol no pump power. Power to panel is OK.

    Here is the manual link . Filter pump not running Check that the time clock manual switch is in the "auto" (center) position or in the "on" (top) position. If in "auto", then check that the time is correct (check am/pm by using the 24 hour...
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    Swapping cord with burnt connector on Hayward T-Cell

    The cord or connector is not replaceable.
  11. Hayward Pool

    Aqua RITE Pro problems.

    GLX-PCB-AR-PRO is the right board. Here is a link to the manual for units built after 2008 The manual for before 2008
  12. Hayward Pool

    Question on AquaRite AQR Instant Salinity = 0

    The original units of the AquaRite had the generating light go off between cycles. This generated tons of calls asking if something was wrong. After a while we went to the light being on for the whole cycle. It will blink if there is a temp problem.
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    Aqua Rite SWG with Two Speed Pump

    Confirm that the flow rate is 13-17 gpm for operation.
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    Thoughts on Hayward AquaRite Low Salt SWG

    Just an update on the low salt for Canada. It seems that certain communities in the Ontario area have passed low salt requirements for discharge into the sewer system. Toronto being one. This is one of the reason for the low salt unit.
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    Thoughts on Hayward AquaRite Low Salt SWG

    Good day, this low salt unit was designed per the trade asking for something different. I have not heard of any regulations in Canada about salt water discharge into the sewer system, but I have asked for clarification. The low salt unit works with one cell that comes with the unit. You...
  16. Hayward Pool

    Thoughts on Hayward AquaRite Low Salt SWG

    This unit is available in Canada only for now. The market was asking for a low salt unit. The low salt unit is designed to make chlorine at low salt level without the unit showing a low salt level service light. It is only good on pools up to 25,000 gals. With low salt the unit will make...
  17. Hayward Pool

    AQR9 vs SWP9. Did I get the wrong one?

    Hi There, if the board in the AquaRite is still the 1.10 version software the T-9 cell will not work unless the main board is upgraded. You need the 1.50 version software to accept any cell. With the 1.10 you can only use the T-15.
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    Programming a Hayward Ecostar pump with an Aqua Logic control panel and a T-15 cell

    As long as the chlorinator is turned on in configuration it seems the flow sensor may be bad.
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    T-CELL-15 High Amps

    The Hayward SWG has an operating range from 2700-3400 ppm.
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    Programming a Hayward Ecostar pump with an Aqua Logic control panel and a T-15 cell

    If the installer hooked up the EcoStar with a data cable and as long as the Aqua Logic is the right software revision it should work from the controller. It needs to be 2.65v or higher. You can see the software revision in the diagnostic part of the Aqua Logic. The T-15 cell needs around...
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    Hayward vs Circupool RJ45 SWG

    Just so everyone knows, the problem with the resistor or the AQR board was corrected. - - - Updated - - -
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    Hayward Aquarite SWCG cycle times

    Just so everyone is on the same page and I understand what is being asked. The unit will reverse polarity every 3 hrs (older units were 2hrs). They will also reverse polarity ever time the unit shuts down and turns back on.
  23. Hayward Pool

    Looking for feedback on equipment for new pool

    Everything looks good. Just curious why you did not go with the Hayward 12v Universal ColorLogic lights. In the future the OmniLogic will have the ability to accept the Hayward Color module. The module gives you the ability to program your own color shows. Presently you can program the...
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    Looking for feedback on equipment for new pool

    Take a look at Hayward's YouTube site. There are some educational video's on the OmniLogic.
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    Suction side chlorinator using needle valve

    A stenner pump is the way to go. As to drawing chlorine into the suction side of the pump, I would not do this with any tablet feeder as the pH level will be very low.
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    Understanding OmniLogic control of TCell 15

    We constantly are educating the trade on how the cycle works. We used to give this information to the consumers and it caused much confusion and misunderstanding of how it works. The last post is right, there is now way to recalibrate the salt level. The best thing is to lock in the instant...