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  1. ranger_ric

    Coleman 26' Liner hangers causing skin irritations.

    I have a 26' Coleman entering it's 3rd season. (probably last). The loops on top that the horizontal pipes go through (dont know what to call them) are now causing everyone skin irritation if you lean against them. It is like fiberglass and gets under your skin and itches for hours even a day...
  2. ranger_ric

    Air surges during backwashing.

    I am getting the pool cleaned up this year and am experiencing something new when I backwash. I have a SandDollar filter with a 1.5 horse pump. It is starting it's 6th season. When I am filtering the system works fine and of course the pressure climbs as the filter works its magic. When I go...
  3. ranger_ric

    Going from 7500 gal to 17500 gal AGP

    My kids gifted to me a 26' AGP to replace my aging 18' pool. I am getting a few years on me and see this as a double edge sword. I have learned a lot from running the old 18 footer and really want to do this pool right so I don't have to mess with setting one up after this one. I have read...
  4. ranger_ric

    Is any one else having problems with pool math tonight?

    I am not able to use pool math tonight... I cannot change any of the fields to get my numbers.. Pool Math is remembering my pool size and my last entries but I cannot change anything to get a recalculation. I am in the middle of a slam and really dont want to guess... Is anyone else having...
  5. ranger_ric

    Scorpions are Monsters from the deep!

    I went out to hook up my Diver Dave vacuum this morning before work. I noticed in my Hayward Leaf strainer a scorpion. I studied him a bit and noticed that he was on the pump side of the leaf bag. So I thought "muhahahaha" I will hook it up and let him get sucked through the pump. Well we...
  6. ranger_ric

    Happy Independence Day!!

    I am looking forward to having my Grandkids jumping and laughing in my sparklicious pool! I am so Blessed to get to see my family grow and blossom in this great Nation. I hope everyone has a Great Day today!!
  7. ranger_ric

    Solar covers and Wind.... Do they mix?

    I am thinking about getting a solar cover for my 18' Round above ground pool. I Live in west Texas and we have a lot of wind. Is there any chance that the cover would stay on. I would hate to buy one and come home to find it wrapped around a mesquite bush 100 yards out in the pasture. How...
  8. ranger_ric

    Cant beat these algae colonies

    I have been trying to slam my pool since the 28th of MAY. I still have blobs of brownish/slightly green algae stuck to the bottom of my vinyl pool. I have bribed 3 of my grown children with steaks to get in the pool at SLAM level with green kitchen scrubbies on their feet to scrub this stuff...
  9. ranger_ric

    Big Scare With New Pump

    I have been fighting some stubborn algae stains on the floor of my AG pool. I have been slammin my pool with the brand new pump running continuously for 8 days now. Well late last night I turned the pump off to disconnect my pool cleaner and reconnect the skimmer. When I tried to turn the...
  10. ranger_ric

    Still have brown/green blobs on bottom of pool

    I have been Slamming my pool for 3 days now. I have removed all the brown stuff from the walls and most of the bottom is clear. However I still have brown green blobs and streaks on 20% of the bottom. I have scrubbed and scrubbed. FC 12 pH 7.6 CYA approx 20 I am bringing this up and have a...
  11. ranger_ric

    Getting Started with this new philosophy at TFP

    First Off THANK YOU for this forum. So much Information. My Problem.... Just got my pool refilled and have been slamming it and brushing it everyday. Everyday (usually within 3-4 hours my FC will drop to 0). Heres my numbers. FC 0 pH 6.8 TA 140 CH 400 CYA 0 Yes we have VERY hard...