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  1. ranger_ric

    Lawn Sprinklers: Rotary Nozzles

    If you are looking to buy a bunch of these in one purchase you might check out the Pro Desk at home depot. I know I have gone there and had them look up pricing for me for plumbing parts, wire, and other electrical stuff. If you are buying in some kind of volume they have ways to order some in...
  2. ranger_ric

    Lightning strike

    Well.... If you got hit by lightning you can always rest on the saying...... Lightning never strikes twice........ Other than that it is spending the bank to avoid a possibility.... Good Luck....
  3. ranger_ric


    Congratulations !!! Grandchildren are the greatest part of Life...
  4. ranger_ric

    New & frustrated

    Welcome to TFP.... I am soo sorry to hear about your bad pool experience. I know that you can turn this pool around in a week or two with knowledge and effort. I start most springs with a green mess but with the knowledge I have acquired here I always turn it around in a week. If you are...
  5. ranger_ric


    Yes..... to all.... And to return the water to your pool that has been through the filter...
  6. ranger_ric

    Audio planning

    Me and everyone else got over me being naked a couple of years ago... but I Love me some real music..... Rock On !!!
  7. ranger_ric

    Audio planning

    My Sonarray are directional speakers.. I have 4 speakers on the patio and 4 speakers on the pool... With the subwoofer buried about 2 feet from the pool... Awesome sound.. I have a large lot and can crank the speakers to max and it is barely distinguishable at the property line... I Love...
  8. ranger_ric

    Audio planning

    He included a Sonance DSP 2-150 Amp with the speakers and Heos.
  9. ranger_ric

    Audio planning

    My son gave me a sonarray system with a heos. I got it installed... 8 satellite speakers and a mushroom subwoofer.. It sounds amazing... on par with the best sound systems/ home theater I have enjoyed in life. The amplifier also has a second channel i could do it all over with again If I...
  10. ranger_ric

    Dirt under stairs

    I installed the Confer 6000 stairs this year. Everyone (especially the older folks in the family LOVE Them.. I too have noticed it collecting dirt under the stairs. I lay awake at night thinking of adding a pvc pipe along the edge and maybe hooking it up to the return line so some of the...
  11. ranger_ric

    Coleman 26' Liner hangers causing skin irritations.

    I have a 26' Coleman entering it's 3rd season. (probably last). The loops on top that the horizontal pipes go through (dont know what to call them) are now causing everyone skin irritation if you lean against them. It is like fiberglass and gets under your skin and itches for hours even a day...
  12. ranger_ric

    Air surges during backwashing.

    bump.... anyone got any ideas?
  13. ranger_ric

    Air surges during backwashing.

    I deep cleaned the Sand at the beginning of last year. The head/valve has not been off since..
  14. ranger_ric

    Air surges during backwashing.

    I am getting the pool cleaned up this year and am experiencing something new when I backwash. I have a SandDollar filter with a 1.5 horse pump. It is starting it's 6th season. When I am filtering the system works fine and of course the pressure climbs as the filter works its magic. When I go...
  15. ranger_ric

    Green Pool this morning, Hot and Humid Party tomorrow... HELP!

    DE will definitely backwash out so you have to carefully add it after filter cleaning....You will have to carefully add more. I am watching this thread just to see how good you can do in 24 hours (wish there were pictures). Good Luck!
  16. ranger_ric

    Long time pool user, first time owner ;)

    Welcome to another Rick.... Enjoy the forum.. Spend some time in pool school it will pay great dividends when you understand your pool chemistry (and it is pretty easy also). Glad you are here..
  17. ranger_ric

    Is there a better way to add bleach?

    I have a 17000+ gallon pool and I pour the bleach in directly over the return at a fairly fast rate (30-45 seconds per bottle). I do try to keep the pour right in the stream and I have never had a bit of problem. I do pour my acid additions a little slower just because I am generally downwind...
  18. ranger_ric

    Wasps, soap, salt, questions......

    We had wasps pretty bad to start the year. My SIL and I spent about 2 hours one day and using my hat and him using a leaf skimmer we killed 169 wasps and pushed them to the skimmer. (I know the number because my granddaughter counted them the next day.) The next day we killed 114. Using the...
  19. ranger_ric

    This is how I feel with all these big pools around here lol

    Be sure to get you a widemouth skimmer installed soon. It will go a long way to making your pool more TroubleFree.
  20. ranger_ric

    Helping elderly friend

    I don't have any advice to give but..... Thank you for helping this older fella out. I hope you get it dialed in quickly and he has a great summer with the pool... Be Blessed !!
  21. ranger_ric

    The Pool as Green as Grass

    My first thought is... that after some time in pool school and some good test results on CYA.. You will regret the "handle" you have chosen for TFP.... Just so you know. I opened my pool this year after it spent the winter uncovered and it was full of bugs and looked like green slime... but...
  22. ranger_ric

    Fading Away Measuring Lines on Chlorine Test Vial

    +1 on the sample sizer with the speed stir. You can even do the test in the dark.. (the speedstir has a cool light and the sample is sized by displacement.) Perfect Everytime.
  23. ranger_ric

    Newbie here, feeling a little ungrateful

    Pfffftttttt... That aint nothin..... A little Pool School and some dedication you will be crystal clear shortly.... Should'a seen my pool when I opened this year.. My son in law said buy another pool and turn this one into a bass fishery. That fishery is beautiful clean today...... Read...
  24. ranger_ric

    FAS-DPD Testing Accurancy

    Used to worry about this also.... but then I got a speed stir.. Yes it will turn pink again in 60 or more seconds but it easily allows you to do your drops every 5 seconds or so to get a good FC reading. Using this method I haven't had a green pool in several years.. +1 for a speedstir...
  25. ranger_ric

    Bestway pool w/ intex pump

    I received a Bestway/Coleman 26' pool as a gift this spring.. I never removed the plugs on the suction side of the pump. I installed a Hayward Skimmer WM when it was about 1/2 full. I have plumbed it to my sand dollar/Pentair Dynamo filter pump combo. However I do use the Coleman/Bestway...
  26. ranger_ric

    Should I install a union between pump and valve on the suction side?

    I dont worry so much about the coupling nuts on unions breaking... I worry about how many times I can open the pvc union and that little O-ring survive. I have a galvanized union on my water well that is over 38 yrs old and it still seals up. However it does not have an O-ring. Because I know...
  27. ranger_ric

    Should I install a union between pump and valve on the suction side?

    When in doubt add a union.. And since you doubt, make sure it is a threaded union... (time is hard on unions too!)
  28. ranger_ric

    What does this mean?

    Sorry but I am not savvy enough for the picture technology.. But I will describe my set up.. Since I vacuum through my skimmer I installed a Tee under the skimmer. On each pump side of skimmer I installed a threaded valve. (one for sand filter one for cartridge filter). From the valves it...
  29. ranger_ric

    Intex Deluxe Skimmer and vacuum hook up????????

    I yhink hayward makes a soft adapter that fits over a 1-1/2 vacuum hose and the other end is a cone that will be held into your wall hole by the vacuum pressure. Something like this: Pentair K12041 Valve Cone for E-Z Vac