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    Dolphin S200 vs M400

    Having gone through the gamut of pool cleaners....suction side, pressure side, and now finally robotic, I far prefer my current choice. Having to run the pump every time I wanted to vacuum the pool was no fun for me at California electricity costs. While the robots hit you in the wallet...
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    Dolphin S200 vs M400

    Regarding the M400, I owned the Oasis z5 for 5 years, which is essentially the same unit as the M400. I really couldn't fault the Oasis is any way regarding its operation in the pool. I do think the thicker cable and swivel design of my old machine was less susceptible to twisting than my new...
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    active 20 problem, already

    Same here. Margaret @ Marina told me to not even unbox my new Active 20, that Maytronics was aware of the bad batch of units out there. She sent me a pre-paid shipping label, and as soon as Maytronics received the tracking number of my shipment to them, they had a new one sent right back out to...
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    Which Robot to Buy??

    You're welcome Rick. Hope you enjoy it.
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    Quality Poles and Brushes that can purchased on Amazon?

    I have the same pole. 3 years in, still working great.
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    Why no extension cord for robot transformers?

    The power supply/pool cleaners really don't draw a whole lot of juice, so I'm sure it's solely a matter of covering their butt in case someone manages to pull the whole thing in while plugged in. What gauge and length is your extension cord? Something like a 14ga should work just fine. I ran a...
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    Dolphin quantum questions

    Did you recently purchase it? Maytronics has had an issue with a batch of very recent units. Typically they've not been running a full cycle, some as short as 15-20 mins.
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    Which Robot to Buy??

    Rick, If you buy the s300.....or even the s200 for that matter, from Margaret @ Marina, she'll add the inside rough filter at no charge, thereby turning it into the same multi-filter as the s300i.
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    How durable is the Maytronic Dolphin M400 robot?

    I got 5 trouble-free years to the day out of my Oasis z5, which is essentially the same as your M400. I didn't baby it either. Saw a lot of sun, a lot of leaves, and a lot of action. Only reason I didn't pony up for another, is because I'm partial to the new filter basket design, so I went with...
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    active 20 problem, already

    Have your serial number ready so she can confirm it falls within the parameters of the known bad batch. From your description, it most likely does.
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    active 20 problem, already

    I talked with Margaret at Marina, and she says that Maytronics has apparently narrowed down this issue to a specific batch of very recently shipped serial numbers. Contact the retailer where you bought the unit, and they'll make it right for you.
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    Dolphin lacking suction/power

    OP...just as an aside, my Oasis Z5 exhibited similar issues before the motor finally died a week ago or so....almost 5 years to the day I bought it. I hope that's not your issue. As mentioned, thoroughly clean the filters, also run it with the spring filters to see if there's a difference. Make...
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    Cody, I can't vouch for the spring/rough filter, but the ultra fine filters lasted 5 years on an Oasis Z5 that recently died on me. Best thing I can recommend is to make sure the filters are clean before storing outside the pool. Marina has the replacement rough filter for your machine @...
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    I just left a message with Peg to have Margaret @ Marina to call me back regarding the status of my Active 20 order. I'll ask her about the recent issues as well.
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    Doheny's Discovery, S200, Active20, Triton owners club

    My Oasis Z5 motor just quit after 4-5 good years of service, so I just ordered an Active 20 with the filter basket mod from Margaret at Marina. Yes...the wait time for a response back can be tedious, especially when you're suddenly without a cleaner, but their deals are so good, it's worth it. I...
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    Skimmer sock - all the time or just occassionally?

    Mickey...that's a pretty small basket, but the strainer I use can be pulled pretty far down around the outside of the basket, shortening up the slack inside. It might work ok for you....just a couple of bucks to find out one way or another.
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    Skimmer sock - all the time or just occassionally?

    I wouldn't use a sock or equivalent on a pump basket. The possibility of it getting sucked into the pump is not something I'd entertain. That's just me though. Have you tried a rock at the bottom of your skimmer basket to keep it flat? One just large enough so it won't get sucked down in an...
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    Skimmer sock - all the time or just occassionally?

    My pleasure Mike. I finally removed the original strainer I had placed in the lasted 5 months. The only reason for replacing it was that the elastic was beginning to lose it's elasticity. I don't remove the strainer to clean it/hose it off. That way the elastic band stays good for...
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    DE to Cartridge Filter Conversion Question...

    Definitely beg, borrow, or steal a vacuum of some type in the interim, and suck that DE out of there. I went through the exact same thing you're in the process of doing...and vacuumed pretty much all of the old DE from the pool bottom before I plumbed in the new filter.
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    Used DE from backwash discharging in yard - Dangerous?

    I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say you're in any kind of danger from mowing the lawn. I think the DE will get worked into the soil by the time you get the mower out. I am surprised however that it isn't killing your grass. It began to kill mine, which is why I went to a cartridge setup. During...
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    Robotic Cleaner Options

    I had a pressure side cleaner for a few years (Polaris 380). Over time I grew tired of higher electric bills from having to run a booster pump, tired of having to clean the debris filter screen what seemed like almost daily, and sick of seeing the Polaris occasionally fly around the pool even...
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    Can I run pool without filter? As in temp. eliminating filter for a few days?

    One thing you can do when running the pump without filtration is to place a one gallon nylon paint strainer or skimmer sock in the skimmer basket. That would a nice temporary job of filtering out the smaller stuff that normally would get through your basket and into the pump while your filter is...
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    where do you store your robot?

    I keep my Dolphin and the caddy poolside all the time. I use a Weber bbq cover over it and seems to protect it nicely. The cleaner typically stays in the pool unless we're planning on swimming.
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    What brand of bleach??????

    Outstanding sir...thanks for the info!
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    What brand of bleach??????

    I use the 3pk of 121oz Clorox 8.25% at Costco for $8.99. No problems here. I'd love to go back to using liquid chlorine but I don't care for having to coerce the Leslie's Pool guy to pull 'em out of the back room every time I go, and the local hardware stores keep theirs out in the sun all day...
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    Dolphin Filter Cartridge/Filter Bag or Both??

    Top loading filter cartridges simply can't be beat. When leaf dropping season comes around, like Brushpup I just get the bulk of it with the leaf rake. I've sucked up as many as 20 or so leaves with the Dolphin Z5. The cartridge housing holds more than you think. But any more than that and...
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    Oasis Z5 Question - Stuck on bottom grates

    No problems with my Z5 either. But my drain cover fortunately sits pretty flat so my experience might not be yours.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    82 degrees Just how I like it. ;)
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    REVIEW: Dolphin Oasis Z5 from Epic Pool supply

    That's great to know the remote worked with ours. addition to what the basic remote does, the M5 remote allows you to have it clean just the walls, just the bottom, have different cycle times, delay the cycle.....just about everything you'd need. If the remote will work fully with...
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    Skimmer sock - all the time or just occassionally?

    I use these: I'm going on my third month with the same strainer. A lot more durable than the different socks I've tried.