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    Las Vegas....Baby!!! yet another build (PB)

    Thank you, we can't wait to move into new house and try out the new pool, now Vegas just needs to warm up.
  2. pool overhead march 1.jpg

    pool overhead march 1.jpg

  3. pool west march.jpg

    pool west march.jpg

  4. pool march 1.jpg

    pool march 1.jpg

  5. pool march 2.jpg

    pool march 2.jpg

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    Las Vegas....Baby!!! yet another build (PB)

    ok here are some nearly finished pictures, needs a few more inches of water. Vegas view from the spa jumping ledge
  7. jump ledge.jpg

    jump ledge.jpg

  8. spa vegas view.jpg

    spa vegas view.jpg

  9. spa vegas view.png

    spa vegas view.png

  10. pool west march.png

    pool west march.png

  11. pool overhead march 1.png

    pool overhead march 1.png

  12. pool march 2.png

    pool march 2.png

  13. pool march 1.png

    pool march 1.png

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    Las Vegas....Baby!!! yet another build (PB)

    We are told 2 more weeks and we will finally have a house again. Only a few interior touch ups, exterior paint needs touched back up and landscaping needs finished. Pool builder is managing pool for the first 30 days. I have already ordered my TF-100 test kit and wall whale. they should...
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    Las Vegas....Baby!!! yet another build (PB)

    Sorry for the delays in new posts. Building house is very frustrating and slow. Many delays and still not in the house yet. Shotcrete was completed end of november and not much has been done since. Just last week the hardscaping was put in and 2 days ago pebble finish was applied. Pool is...
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  17. pool shotcrete 3.jpg

    pool shotcrete 3.jpg

  18. pool new.jpg

    pool new.jpg

  19. J

    Las Vegas....Baby!!! yet another build (PB)

    here is what it looks like from the lower street. Backyard is at least 17 feet above the road.
  20. rear.jpg


  21. J

    Las Vegas....Baby!!! yet another build (PB)

    Here are some pictures of the dig. I wasn't able to be there to watch it happen but it took two days and I was able to be there each day after the work had stopped. Looks like it all went smoothly. Measurements all checks out. Last picture gives and idea of the slope along the back edge of yard.
  22. pool dig 1.JPG

    pool dig 1.JPG

  23. pool dig 3.jpg

    pool dig 3.jpg

  24. pool dig 4.jpg

    pool dig 4.jpg

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    Las Vegas....Baby!!! yet another build (PB)

    Ok so first major issue with the build. Pool Builder came out to layout the pool and says pool won't fit on our lot. Home Builder's response is the county measured the lot wrong. We are missing 4 feet on backyard. Pool Builder suggests moving pool 2 feet closer to house, and decreasing size...
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    Las Vegas....Baby!!! yet another build (PB)

    I know the in-floor cleaning system are not the greatest, but i like the convenience. And it is too late anyways as the pool was cemented in 3 days ago. Thanks for the pump recommendation, I will request we use that one.
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    Las Vegas....Baby!!! yet another build (PB)

    Thank you for the tip on the Intelliflo pump is there one you recommend? Is there a better SWG for this size of pool? Automation through Intellitouch, we only have the lights, spa, and infloor cleaning system. We didn't spring for any water features. We would like to add screen logic 2 onto...
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    Shotcrete wall collapse

    no idea on what test kit pool builder is providing, I plan on buying the TF-100 kit. Pool Builder will manage the pool for the first month after water fill, but i will be testing water as well. As far as the wall, I think it is going to be ok.... Pool Builder seem very knowledgeable, lots of...
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    Las Vegas....Baby!!! yet another build (PB)

    House is finally nearing completion, only a 8-10 weeks away fingers crossed. Pool is estimated to be 36,000 gallons, 3'6"-8' depth. 52' long including the wet deck, 20'6"wide, not including the recess into house nook. wet deck is 6' x 10', house side of deep end is all sitting bench. I have...
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    Las Vegas....Baby!!! yet another build (PB)

    here are the 3D mock ups