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    No waste option on filter

    Hi there, We just purchased a new home and the pool filter has no option for “waste”. I need to vacuum on the waste setting, is there another option I can use? We have: Filter, Rinse, Whirlpool, Backwash, Winterize, and Drain. Should I be vacuuming on Rinse? (Not sure if it will help but...
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    Backwash pipe broken, cannot remove

    We just moved into our new home with swimming pool. We purchased it during the winter so could not inspect pool filter and pump. The water was treated with a shock but very cloudy so I decided to do a backwash ... this is what I found. How the heck do I get this out? Normally these pvc pieces...
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    Does anybody know what this is?

    Recently purchased home with pool and this is sitting beside the pump. It’s not attached to anything ... does anyone know what it is? It’s purpose??