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  1. Hayward Pool

    Hayward's New AquaVac 650 - Filterless Robotic Cleaner

    Thank you for sharing your feedback. I’d like to hear more about this and offer my assistance. You can reach me directly at
  2. Hayward Pool

    And Another Pool Cleaner Question?

    For information make sure you get the flex style unit. It has a flex vanes on the turbine. Alows for more debris to pass. This is available on all suction cleaners. Just ask. It is called V-Flex.
  3. Hayward Pool

    Hayward Pool Vac V-Flex Issue

    Glad this all worked out.
  4. Hayward Pool

    Hayward Navigator troubles

    Before taking the unit apart do a turn test first. The twisting of hose can be two things. The unit turning in one direction or the hoses were stored coiled up. If they have been coiled up lay them in the sun to see if they will straighten out. If the hoses have not been coiled the...
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    hey HAYWARD - move your legs

    The springs are not sold separately. The pods come with the springs. Looks like the pods, wings, flaps and shoes may need to be replaced also. The wings, shoes and flaps are wear parts.
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    Vac is sucking on drains

    Not sure how old the cleaner is but if the cleaner is a year old make sure the feet, wings and shoes are in good shape. If the cleaner goes onto the drain and crawls off within a minute or so that is normal. If this is a problem from the beginning make sure the main drain suction is turned...
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    vac hose stuck in skimmer-help!

    Sometimes just raising the pool level up higher on the tile line can solve the problem. Also make sure your returns are not pushing the hose in that direction. Redirect the returns.
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    Time to replace or repair?

    Not sure if the filter you have has the ability to change to a 2" valve. Check with the manufacture. The 2" valve has 2" ports and will handle higher flow rates without having the popcorn sound. You can buy a S244T2 which comes with a 2" valve. Again the 24" sand filter handles a maximum...
  9. Hayward Pool

    Time to replace or repair?

    Has the pump been replaced since you have had the house. If the flow rate through the MPV is higher than what it is rated for you will sometimes get a popcorn sound in the valve. If you replace the valve it is my recommendation that you go to 2". Remember the flow rate for the 24" Hayward...
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    Need help with pool cleaner cord plug

    This is Hayward, if you do not get an answer call our tech line and ask to speak with a robotic specialist. 908-355-7995
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    Hayward Pool Vac V-Flex Issue

    This is a problem that pops up once in a while and new product has been changed. We took care of this customer problem. You might want to remove the metal washer as it will rust over time.
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    Zodiac MX8 Elite vs Hayward Navigator (Pro or V-Flex)

    I have an answer I believe for the V Flex. Private message your phone number and address I will post the answer here after we talk.
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    Bought a cleaner, need some advice.

    Hi, Wanda comes with a restrictor that may need to be used or not. You may have to try it both ways. You need to remove the bottom plate and you will see the press-in restrictor. This cleaner needs about 30 gpm to operate properly. The 2500 gph works out to about 41 gpm. This would be...
  14. Hayward Pool

    Wanda The Whale (New) - Not staying flat

    A few reasons for the Wanda tipping over. One, make sure the leader hose is attached to the unit and not a common connector. Also this cleaner is for an above ground pool. Two, if the unit goes to one end of the pool and there is not enough hose it will tip over. Three, a strong return line...
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    Suction requirements of "The Poolcleaner" vs Kreepy Krauly

    Most of Hayward's suction cleaners operate between 30-40 gpm. a 1" line is not going to give you much over 30gpm. Can't say for sure on your system.
  16. Hayward Pool

    Hayward Blu

    Hi this is Hayward. Not sure what cleaner you have. Can you give me a picture or an exact model number.
  17. Hayward Pool

    Hayward Navigator doing Circles

    Good Day, you did the one thing I would have you do, the hang test. Hopefully you did it for a few minutes. If the unit is turning in one direction only and even if the gears seem ok when you blow into them, replace the gear box. Gear boxes can last 5-10 years. Sometimes bad gear boxes...