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    Escaped the algae

    Might be able to google one. I had my wife in the pool and me on the deck. Haul up slowly, let water drain keep pulling. Looked at today and green is almost gone due to the strong bleach solution I added. I'm sure there is more in the sand but I'm happy.
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    Escaped the algae

    Pulled the steps out early and decided to pull the handles off, basically 50% disassembly. Wow. Tube handles FILLED/covered with algae. Shocked I was able to maintain the pool with virtually no issues. scrubbed what I could. Flushed. Filled what I could with high percentage bleach soln.
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    Newbie who started the SLAM this morning

    $800 to fill ours here in centra NY. Softened water should be fine for most people if only topping off a few thousand gallons
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    Going on Vacation for 2 weeks

    Would polyquat help too?
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    Algae. Maybe.

    Thanks. The bags of dichlor (bioguard smart shock) are coming in handy. Appears 1# raises my FC 2.5. And last CYA test was a different bottle of reagent but more importantly as you pointed out, about a 20° difference in water temperature.
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    Algae. Maybe.

    There is no way a couple inches of rain and sun drop my CYA in half. Is there?
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    Algae. Maybe.

    I guess it could also be the new reagent I received today. Sucks I ran out!
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    Algae. Maybe.

    Looks like the rain dropped my CYA to less than 20. Guess that's why that one sunny day and 2-3 days of not testing or treating let that algae grow. We must've caught it just in time because we had no issues after one overnight slam. I have bags of Dichlor and tabs of TriChlor. Time to throw...
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    Algae. Maybe.

    I feel I was very accurate in last night and testing this morning. Can you have the free chlorine stay the same but combined chloramines drop? Will certainly keep a very close eye on it. I tested again this morning. Is this even possible? FC 5.5 CC 0.0
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    Algae. Maybe.

    We did swim in the lake today and then straight in the pool 2 hours before testing. Not something we usually do. Thanks. I will tell my wife you agree with me so she can go to bed :)
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    Algae. Maybe.

    Wasn't monitoring like I did last year and like I need to be. Came home the other day and appeared to have spots of algae or dirt all over bottom. Water clear as could be. I brushed it up and since it appeared to become a cloud, and my wife swearing it was greenish, I figured I would slam...
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    An algae conundrum

    66 is when I was last in...yeah, Doc has issues.
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    Going on vacation for 7 days

    Before TFP, my pucks (actually bioguard smart silk sticks) went right in the skimmer. No issues.
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    First ALGAE problem in 21 yrs!

    Looks like you are on the right track. If truly trying to track overnight loss, I would test before 9 am. more like 6 am before the sun rises.
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    Wedding cake stairs are an algae trap.

    same ones we have. only thing is, the way our bottom is, they don't sit totally flat. always makes me wonder if I need to put a pad under the back side. have tried moving multiple times. Only way for mine to be flat is having six inches away from the pool edge (about 3-4" now).
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    green won't go away

    did you read Pool School (see my signature)? I'm a newbie, but suggest you ensure CYA is accurate (after dissolved for 24 hours) and then get another set of results. SLAM according to the chart....keep posting also.
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    How often chlorine and how much?

    and it appears it won't be cheaper. So - bump up CYA as suggested - run the OCLT to see if you have anything going on that shouldn't be - ensure you understand testing and recording for FC CC TC
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    so what about algaecides

    Copper algaecids are bad.
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    I got cocky

    Sorry to hear that. Last year was our first year and we were doing the bioguard 3 step program. Ran 2-4 FC with CYA around 30-50 without issue. Then again that was when I had dipsticks. Keep saying I must be lucky that I didn't get algae.
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    Why is copper bad?

    No cloudy water after getting to 8 ppm FC so I believe I'm safe
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    Why is copper bad?

    Re: Does chlorine tablet matter? Cheapest place to buy? Well I better be more careful then. Thanks!
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    Why is copper bad?

    Split by moderator from HERE. Please ask questions in your own thread and not in another member's. Thanks, jblizzle Why is copper as an algicide bad? Just trying to get rid of my bioguard stuff this year. I will be leaving for a few days, haven't been able to test for my CYA other than the...
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    Closing Advice

    I am new to this but I opened crystal clear. About 20-24 oz algaecide 60 and brought FC to 8.