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    "Temporary" AGPs + Northern winters. Can they survive?

    We did this with a 15ft Intex Ultra one winter (2017/18), after the ones we took down and stored kept coming out of storage with leaks. We drained below the returns, drained and brought in all the equipment/pipes, and covered it with the Intex cover it came with... which blew off roughly a month...
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    FINALLY!! All the hard work and crying paid off!! *pics!*

    Yeah, we do need it. I think we over use it, but our bills haven't been too bad. I had to laugh last night when we were watching some ultimate resort pool show. They kept talking about how the resorts keep the pools at a "balmy 85 degrees" or "the water is 84 all year long!" My 13yr old was not...
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    FINALLY!! All the hard work and crying paid off!! *pics!*

    It beats our week. We're going to warm up a bit here - back to 77 tomorrow, then Sun/75, Mon/77, Tue/78, with 50s/low 60s for overnights. Ugh, I hope it gets better after that because not swimming every day is making me sad. At least we have a heater - I wish it could help with the air temps. ☺
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    FINALLY!! All the hard work and crying paid off!! *pics!*

    We finally broke down and put our solar cover on this week after leaving it off all summer. I don't know if they help to gain heat, but they do help hold it once you have it. There's also less dirt in the pool when we use it, so that's a bonus.
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    Coleman/Bestway leaking windows warrantied without a receipt

    Bummer about your season, but so glad they're replacing it for you! It's a cool idea, but on top of the leaking issue, the amount of "Mom, look at me!" that would come with it here would do me in. 🤪 I do like their exterior pattern though. I wonder if that came after all the pics of people...
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    FINALLY!! All the hard work and crying paid off!! *pics!*

    I'm right there with you. So. Many. Floats! They're just too cute! 😂 No one here actually uses them though. We all end up on noodles so we can be in the water instead of on it, and the floats just float around getting in the way until someone throws them out of the pool. The noodles, glitter...
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    Edit: Another paver question lol

    Yes, that. We put ours on the tarp (back when we had Intex pools), and it did collect water. I ended up going around the pool with a knife, trimming the tarp back to get the water to drain out. Also, don't worry, pool builds of any kind seem to bring out the frustration and anxiety in all of...
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    AGP how long last? How big to go?

    Yes, and if the pool store says they have a favorite or preferred installer, WAIT for that one. We didn't and had a horrible experience. It wasn't worth the extra 3 weeks of swimming. If I had it to do over again, I would've stayed far, far away from our guy. I still keep the preferred guy's...
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    AGP how long last? How big to go?

    LOL, that sounds about right! :p We have a 28 ft round with a deep area. It's super roomy, but I sometimes wish we went even bigger (when we're in it ;) ). Don't worry about the size of your kids now, unless you're planning to move and leave it behind in a couple years. They will grow so much...
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    Optimum pool saga continues need help

    We have the Maytronics Dolphin S50 and are very happy with it. We did add the "fine" filter this year, but liked it last year without it and probably didn't really need it.
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    MY AGP is unlevel.. Need help

    If you can find a used quick-set/Intex pool on craigslist/FB marketplace, you could pump the water to that for holding while you level your base. It doesn't have to be pretty, it just has to be able to hold the water while you take this one down and reset it. So sorry this happened!
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    Optimum pool saga continues need help

    I'm so sorry you had all this trouble! We didn't even try to sink ours and still had crazy issues with install, so I was saying exactly the same thing last summer - it's just so stressful. If it helps, even though we haven't had much of a swim season yet, I'm happy to report I am SO glad we put...
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    Small above ground pool from the Netherlands

    Agreed! Any pool that fits your space, lifestyle, finances, and location is a great pool! 🙂 Where I am, a huge and elaborate in ground pool set up would hurt our house resale/value more than it would help, so we have an above ground pool. Our daughter is delighted, my husband and I enjoy it...
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    What cleaning robot to buy?

    We have the S50 here, and switched to the extra fine basket this year. We loved it last year without the new basket, but wow, it picks up a lot more stuff now (that kind of grosses me out if I stop and think about it too long :sick: :p ).
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    Safety fencing for an above ground pool

    Our pool store had a white metal fence available, but we did this Protect-A-Pool Fence in tan and are very happy with it (our pool is taupe/sand/beige/whatever they're calling it this year). My husband installed it over a couple of days - lots of fussy cuts to get it just right, but he said it...
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    Seriously considering an AGP...

    Also, check with your city to see if there are fencing requirements, or other permits needed based on size. Where we are, they are determined by how many gallons of water the pool holds. A few years ago we had a 15ft Intex, because an 18 foot would've pushed us in to needing higher fencing for...
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    AGP pool ideas

    Our AG went in last year. This year we're adding decking and landscaping, so I don't have any good pics ... yet. Be sure to check with your pool builder/excavator regarding your soil type. We have clay and even 11 years after building our house, we have some pretty significant shifting and...
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    Auto/robot cleaner for AGP with deep end?

    Thanks for the tips! I really thought after lurking around this forum for a year I was better prepared than I am - oops! :oops: As for the overlap liner, my concern was that maybe it could pull down a bit from the weight of the vac? Sounds like that's not an issue. We're happy with the overlap...
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    Auto/robot cleaner for AGP with deep end?

    Thank you! Does it matter that it's an overlap liner, rather than beaded - it won't pull it down or something? We are total pool newbies, other than a couple Intex pools, so please forgive the dumb questions.:confused: Interesting about the not walking on it - both the installer and the pool...
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    Auto/robot cleaner for AGP with deep end?

    Our new 28" doughboy is finally in, and using the vac with the deep center area is a huge pain (or so I'm told - DH does it, not me :p ). The original plan was to wait until year two to think about a dolphin cleaner (or similar), but if we're going to spend the money anyway I figure we might as...
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    New small intex 12x30 up and running/ landscaped

    We're super excited, yes! I wish we'd could've done it years ago, but it just wasn't the right time. Yours is a great size for your little one though! She has plenty of room, and will probably feel safer in the shallower water. We started small too, but our DD is a tween now and runs with her...
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    New small intex 12x30 up and running/ landscaped

    Wow, this is really pretty - great job! We've done a few of the Intex pools and are finally moving up to a 28"ft ABG this summer - so excited! I hope our landscaping around that looks as good as this. :)