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    Hayward Pool Vaccums

    After three years make sure the shoes have not wore down. If the suction is correct, have someone take the unit apart and check the bearings on the turbine.
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    AGP Heater - Hayward HP50HA questions

    Yes on the ground next to the filter is fine.
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    AGP Heater - Hayward HP50HA questions

    Just spoke to the Heat Pump guys at Hayward. The manual is being changed as this Heat Pump does not have a pressure switch, it has a flow switch. My bad.
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    AGP Heater - Hayward HP50HA questions

    The inlet does not have to be higher than the water level. The reason this is in the manual is in case static pressure from the pool on the heat pump pressure switch keeps the heat pump on when the pump goes off. In most cases this does not happen. If it does, the pressure switch should...
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    Above Ground Equipment Sanity Check!

    No Problem with the larger SWG and the large filter from the manufactures point of view.
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    mount hayward skimmer between new dual suction outlets *pics*

    Great advice. Always try and mount the skimmer downwind. Makes it easier to collect debris.
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    Need help Trouble shooting Hayward Aqua Solar

    Curious, why did they feel the main board was toast?
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    Pump maintenance

    Have no idea what this is.
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    Wondering If My Pump And Filter Are Properly Sized

    Dave, nice seeing someone recommend a larger filter. The 180T will be a workhouse and need cleaning often. Installing a S210T will help with flow and frequency of backwashing.
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    Hayward SP1091WM with intex pool

    Great advice and pictures. I have never seen our skimmer on an Intex Pool.
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    White powder stuff at bottom of pool

    Both cartridge filters and sand filter become better filters as they get dirty. Have some type of flocking agent to help bring the small particles together helps. Cleaning or backwashing a sand and cartridge filter continuously prevents it from getting dirty and becoming a better filter...
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    Hayward Vari-Flo XL Valve (Model# SP714) STUCK!

    Good day, You can order a complete Handle, Cover and key assembly that will just drop in SPX0714BA. Just need to take out all the screws on top and drop in new key assembly. Or you can change out the key SPX0714CA which requires removing everything for repair. The BA is easier. Here is...
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    Would a hyward heater work for my setup?

    Sorry you are not getting good reviews on Hayward AG equipment. We make many types.
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    skimmer install question

    Success with installation depends on how curved the section is at that point. If it is like a round pool no problem. Otherwise it could be a problem.
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    Constant grief with spider gasket for Hayward filter

    Not sure what is going on here but the main culprit seems to be not gluing the spider gasket in correctly. The surface needs to be cleaned and the new gasket glued in with rubber cement or super glue. Also make sure you never move the valve with the pump on. If needed private message your...
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    Aquabug just sulks in the corner

    You got it.
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    Pool Heater Questions

    When it comes to propane and the H100 a 100lb tank is minimal. I have forgotten the gallon equivalent to 100lbs. I recommend at least a 150 gallon tank. Remember with propane as the tank goes down the amount of gas that can be used is reduced and at some point the heater will not light.
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    Aquabug just sulks in the corner

    Good Day, the Aqua Bug has not worked well with many of the Intex systems. 2450 GPH means approximately 40 gpm in a perfect world. With back pressure and dirty filter I have not seen this cleaner work well with Intex systems.
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    Will this sand filter/pump combo work with Wanda the Whale?

    Wanda the Whale takes approximately 30 gpm. Depending on the pool design it will work at lower GPM but not as well.
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    Intex Easy Set Pool Heater

    Good Day, the H100 is a great heater for this pool. Gas lines are sized from the meter. 0-25ft 1/2", 25-100 34", 100-200 1". Remember residential gas line carry what is called low pressure. .5psi on average. The hook up to the heater if using a flex line should be able cover...
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    Hayward skimmer - gate doesn't float

    Good Day. It would be great to get a video or picture of what is happening so I can help. You may be right. Is the gate just not floating up or is it getting caught on something? John the Hayward Tech