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    Solar cover question

    Hey guys, we just got a solar cover for our pool. What is the recommended time the cover has to be off after adding chlorine? It is a big pool 36x26 do you have to remove the whole cover when adding chlorine. Thanks.
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    Hoping for slam help.

    Hi guys, still new to to TFP and pools in general. I am starting a slam tonight. I am holding no fc and my cya is most like 5 to 10. I am using a blue devil test kit. I have about 15 lbs of members mark quick dissolving shock I purchased before TFP. Using pool math it looks like I will raise...
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    Possible ta issue

    Hi first season with a pool. Before I found tfp I had water tested at the pool store and they said my ta should be 120 to 190 I raised it with baking soda to 130. Now when I look at my pool math it shows me 70 to 90 should I be worried about my levels. Ph is right around 7.3.
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    Members mark shock.

    Hello, I am trying to balance out my 46,000gallon vinyl lined pool. When I had my water tested it had no cya in it but I shocked with the members mark shock and nervous my levels may be to high. Doe a anyone know if or how much stabilizer is in this product? Thank you