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    Weatherproof box for robot power supply

    Just picked up the Nautilus CC and it has an option to setup so it cleans on a schedule. However the power supply says to not get it wet. Does anyone know of a weatherproof box I could put the power supply in so I can leave it outside and it could handle being rained on?
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    11 year old Intelliflo - worth fixing?

    It's still working but won't change speeds very easily. The warning light is always on and the digital display is barely readable. Are they worth fixing / repairing? Or should I just replace with new? Thanks
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    Where can I find a new power supply for Aquabot Fury

    Power supply got wet and is toasted. Most new supplies are $300 approx and since my unit is 10 years old I was hoping to find a used / refurbished one. Does anyone know a site I may find one? I've tried Ebay and have had no luck. thx
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    Power supply going bad, how to fix or replace

    I have a Aquabot pool cleaner and the power supply keeps turning off. I have to bang it around and turn it on its side to get it to run again. It's been going strong for 10 seasons. Is there a fix ? Or just replace ? If I need to replace, does anyone know where I can get just the power...
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    Replacement Filter for Pentair Quad DE 100

    Looking online but can't find anyone who makes the filters other than Pentair. Trying to save a few bucks since there are four filters. Does anyone know of another source ?
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    RGB LED light system to replace fiber

    I have a 50' long vinyl pool that currently has two fiberoptic lights on each end. There are two Fiberworks MR16 photon towers that power them. I want to change out the 4 lights with LED. Wondering what the brightest option out there are that will fit and what sort of control system i'll need...
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    Need to replace in ground rail/ladder anchors - what is the best type ?

    Mine are shot - completely broken apart. I have a concrete company coming to cut out the sections and replace. Been reading and I believe the composite types are the best option at this point ? Can someone confirm and also if you have a link or info on where to get them ? Thx
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    Autopilot DIG-220 problems - please help...

    My unit worked perfect for about 6 years. Last season I started getting errors flashing, water temp and salt reading all of the place and the unit wasn't producing chlorine. I I replaced the temp / salt sensor and that took care of that issue. I tried to clean the cell but still no...
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    Pool Pilot DIG-220 bad sensor or something else ?

    I've gotten about 7 years out of the unit so far with no problems so I'm very happy with that. This year when I opened the pool I immediately started to have some issues with the temp not showing correctly and also the unit saying to check/clean cell. It would work on and off so I left it...
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    Raypak RP2100 - won't spark

    Unit shows SPK and I hear it clicking - I also smell gas. However I see no spark. I removed the pilot assembly to get a better view and no spark. Should I be seeing a spark ? Like a car spark plug ? The pilot assembly is completely rusted. The Hi Tension Wire and Pilot Electrode however...
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    Something is not right here - water coming out of pump when lid off - gunk inside...

    Equipment was all replaced about 6 seasons ago or so. This year i'm having some problems. First - The pool ran for a day or so without skimmer baskets in. I noticed when turning on pump a bunch of gunk that got thru is going down into the pump basket when i start the pump. However when I...
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    Need help with Drain issue

    Pool was existing when I bought the house. I never understood why just one end of the pool had this awful triangle cut into the concrete (See pic) So last year I had the triangle filled in. It was great in the fact that I now could put a table and chairs on that end of the pool. However as...
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    Replacing Fiberoptic lights with LED

    I have a very old Pentair Fiberworks system. i have to generators. One runs 2 round LED lights and the other runs a long string of fiberoptic rope light that goes around the pool and two smaller round lights. Has anyone attempted to replace either the round or rope with LED? For the rope...
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    How much should a new liner cost?

    My pool is 20x50 and the liner has a number of tears in it. What should I be expecting for pricing on a new liner? Is there anything I should be looking for when getting a new one? Anything else I should be replacing when getting a new liner?
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    Replacement for Pentair Fiberworks Fiber Optic Lights

    Trying to find what my options are for replacing my current lighting. I have the Pentair Fiberworks system with (2) illuminators. The fiber rope light going around the pool is so dim now you can barely see it. I have a spot light on each end of the pool which changes colors with the rope...