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    Small cuts burn

    Total newbie here. NB pool, filled Thursday, startup Saturday by PB. I've been doing my best with testing/balancing but wondering if I'm missing something. When in the water small cuts on my legs and hands burn/sting. Daughter said the same thing on her own without me saying anything. Would...
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    First test results after NB pool fill

    Fill on Thursday, startup from PB on Saturday. Used the TF kit just now, results are: FC 0.8 pH 7.9 TA 140 CH 450 CYA 48 Pool startup guy said he added enough chemicals to get us through to our orientation on Friday evening. Thoughts? Appreciate all the help thus far!
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    NB in Chandler, AZ - Pebblesheen + abalone question

    Hi from a newbie! NB in Chandler, AZ. Pebble was applied today and abalone was supposed to be added. My question....can you see the abalone in the pebble before it's acid washed and water in the pool? I can't see it and just wanted to make sure it was added. Also worried about the dark...