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  1. Wishbone851

    Dead Bird in Skimmer

    This morning, we sadly found a dead baby bird in the skimmer. I'm sure it happened early this morning or late last night - all of my chemicals tested out fine this morning (before we found him) - do I need to do anything special? I hate to slam it this morning - it's hot as hades and sunny...
  2. Wishbone851

    Solar Sun Rings or Blanket?

    I have a 24' round pool and recently purchased a 106k btu Rheem heater. I'm looking for something to try to retain some of the heat overnight. I'm thinking about getting a regular solar blanket cover, but since i have to keep the pvc fencing around the pool, it think it's going to be difficult...
  3. Wishbone851

    Quickest Way to Lower TA?

    Here are my most recent levels...can anyone suggest the best wat to lower my TA? Can I leave the return nozzle aimed up while adding muriatic acid? Should I disconnect the heater piping until I get the level down?
  4. Wishbone851

    Opening For the First Time

    We purchased a 24' round above-ground pool last year and we are opening it for the first time. We removed the cover yesterday, and I was thrilled to see clear water, with just some dirt on the bottom to be vacuumed up. We let it fill up to the skimmer overnight (and my water is HARD), and I...
  5. Wishbone851

    How to Get Ahead of Pool "Accidents"?

    I'm a newbie pool owner, and I am just getting a hand on keeping my my water crystal clear with balanced chemicals... but this weekend I have family staying with us for the weekend with two little ones - I KNOW both will have accidents in the pool (and I know I won't be informed of them). Is...
  6. Wishbone851

    First Time Owner - Frustrated and Broke

    My pool was installed 2 week ago and we've had nothing but problems trying to get our chemicals balanced. I've brought water samples to different stores, and rec'd different readings each time. The most current reading (today) is: TA: 235 pH: 8.4 Hardness: 672 Free Chlorine 0.1 Total Chlorine...