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  1. livelox

    Green on water jets

    Hello everyone Livelox here. I was missing for 2 days and couldnt add any chlorine in the pool. I came home to see green stuff like algae? On 2 jets of the deep end of the pool. I added chlorine to about 5-6ppm and the pH was pretty high. CYA from strips is around 30ppm and my father told me...
  2. livelox

    Greenish “mud” on water level liner.

    Hello everyone. Livelox here. I have came across this greenish lines around the levels of the pool water on the liner. I can scrub them off with a little bit of pressure scrubbing by hand. I believe it has something to do with my hardness levels ? Or iron or something ? FC pH CYA is at...
  3. livelox

    CYA not raising ?

    Hello everyone , Livelox here. I am adding dichlor instead of bleach and up until now we have enough dichlor to SHOCK the pool (before i knew about slam) and adding every one or two days to maintain FC at 4-5 FC. What I am wondering is that CYA will not raise ? Or even gets lower? I am only...
  4. livelox

    What to buy ?

    Hello everyone ! Livelox here. I have managed to find the one and only distributor of Taylor kits in Europe, and managed to get a catalogue of the products they sell. I can get FAS-DPD K-1515A at around 75$ and the Lamottte EC-5 for around 60$ for CYA checking, or FTk-2002 for CYA test for...
  5. livelox

    Thank you TFP

    Hello everyone. After around 6-7 years I have finally managed to balance everything and only the TA is left to be balanced. The rest are fine and everything runs smoothly. Days of skin irritations are gone and redish eyes from chlorine. Finally feeling good to swim and getting out. All thanks...
  6. livelox

    Signatures not showing on phone

    It came to my realization that signatures are not shown when accessing TFP from phone. Is this normal ?
  7. livelox

    DIY Stirrer

    Hello everyone, So since everyone have their own stirrers I decided to make my own since ordering one would probably cost around 50-100$ from the cheap ones and about 3-4 weeks to arrive. So I decided why not make my own ? If anyone wants to know how I made it I would happy make a step by step...
  8. livelox

    Skimmer settings ?

    Hello everyone Livelox here. I have came across inside my skimmers that there is a cup that you can put it over the drain hole below the basket and you basically cut some draining power of the hole. Do I need to limit the power or just have it to full suction ?
  9. livelox

    Water return jets positioning

    Hello everyone, Livelox here. I started reading about water return jets in the pool and I want wondering how to set mine. I have read around 10 threads regarding this however i did not find anything for a rectangular pool. I have a rectangular pool and have 2 return jets on the one long side...
  10. livelox

    pH raising overnight

    Hello everyone Livelox here. I had added about 96oz of dry acid yesterday as the poolmath suggested I do. (From 8,2 to 7,6). I added it and it was all good until the next morning. I checked the water today and it was back at 8,2 again, I added some dry acid as the poolmath suggested but not...
  11. livelox

    Liquid Chlorine or Bleach can not be found

    Hello everyone, Livelox here. I have searched around and i can not find anywhere bleach or liquid chlorine. Dichlor and trichlor is everything I can find. What do you suggest I do ? I went to 4 hardware stores etc.
  12. livelox

    Pool Renovation

    Hello everyone ! Livelox here. Just found time to post our pool "renovation". We had an old vinyl liner (picture 1, 2) and we had to replace, and we found a solution to "paint" over it adding 3mm of vinyl "paint". It was made for pools no worries. We had a friend of ours who manages the biggest...
  13. livelox

    When to add chlorine?

    Hey all, Livelox here. I have searched around a bit but I did not find a clear answer to this. We have a lot of sun in Cyprus and we have a couple rainy days. I had my FC levels two days ago on around 4ppm. When I checked again this morning it was really low at around 0.5ppm and pH up to...
  14. livelox

    What is there to learn ?

    Hello everyone, I have read everything for ABC school of TFP and the rest of the sections. But I still want to read and learn more and more. Do we have any pinned threads or some articles that are worth a read? In addition, I read many threads coming up to TFP and keep up with them. What...
  15. livelox

    Flocculant usage in pool

    Hello everyone, If you have seen me around, I am the one who can not get a hold of any advanced kits, reason being .. my country. I have managed to get everything at least correct, with the kits I have. Tomorrow we will be vacumming the pool, and I have a bottle of Flocculant. That is, if i am...
  16. livelox

    Cyanuric Acid Kit

    Hello everyone ! I am the proud owner of my swimming pool at home. Aged at 22 y/o and I will now start to study my pool and get everything where it should. I live in Cyprus, where we have over 86F temperatures minimum in the summer. We have recently drained our pool, and started fresh. We have...