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  1. JeaniB

    Well Crud

    So much for having crystal clear water!😩😩
  2. JeaniB

    Thank you TFP! Just got the best compliment!

    So,.. I started my research 2 years before I finally purchased a pool. Of course my research sent me here. I’ve followed your advice, my pool contains, salt, CYA, Borax 50ppm, and enough Bleach to get me started. I added Muriatic acid when loading the Borax. Nothing else, and I’ve never, ever...
  3. JeaniB

    BTB due and mannitol for Borate testing

    I’ve seen it mentioned that I can use BTB dye and mannitol powder to test for borates. How is this used?
  4. JeaniB

    HDX test kit

    Has anyone used this? Is it accurate? I have trouble distinguishing the colors in my Taylor safety kit, and I’m having trouble finding a borate test kit. I thought this would be a good alternative, and it is available at Home Depot. Any thoughts?
  5. JeaniB

    What the heck is happening here?

    Looks like my tubing is collapsing?? Checked the skimmer, unhooked all the t tubing,.. ??? Just cheap tubing? I can’t seem to upload a video,.. my tubing is collapsing onto itself when I turn on my pump! How can I upload a video?
  6. JeaniB

    Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner- stopped help

    My Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner worked great,.. twice. I’ve googled and watched some video tips,.. still not moving! It appears that the little slider doesn’t move far enough to the right and the lever is not pushed far enough to close. Any ideas?
  7. JeaniB

    Aeration to raise Ph

    So,. Finally got my TA down, pH is 7.3, FC 2.5,.. CYA 60-70. SWG. Yesterday was the first day of full sun and two adult swimmers. I’m adding some bleach. My question is how much aeration do I need to raise my pH? I rigged this from an old pond pump. Is it enough?
  8. JeaniB

    Muriatic acid/ poolmath

    I purchased Muriatic Acid at Home Depot. I’ve read the entire label and can’t find the percentage of muriatic acid. So I looked up the MSDS sheet and it says 20%. I don’t have a 20% option on Pool Math. Options?
  9. JeaniB

    Added salt, CYA, chlorine, now SWG

    SO,..pool was finally full Sunday. I have added 320 lbs of salt, 4.5lbs of CYA, 1 gal of bleach each day the pool had water in it, started the SWG yesterday running for 6 hours. Here are my numbers FC 4.5 TA 130 CYA 50 pH 7.8 CH 100 Na+ 3000 Temp 78f My pH has climbed from 7.2 to 7.8 in...
  10. JeaniB

    Leveling pavers with a transit

    Ok,.. 32x16x52 pool is up,. Ground was leveled, pool tarp down, 1/2” foam board, then gorilla pad. I have 12x12 concrete pavers for each leg support. I’m picking up a transit in the morning. Should I start with the lowest pavers as level and bring the others down? I’m not real sure how to use...
  11. JeaniB

    Installation in progress, need order of operations for my water!

    Installing my 32' X 16' X 52" ABG. I have a sand filter with SWG. I have been reading to help prevent mistakes. This site has been a huge resource for me and I haven't even put water in my pool yet! I understand that I need to add bleach to get the FC where I want it, then allow the SWG to...
  12. JeaniB

    Sand with foam to help level?

    Love this sharing of information!! I would like to ask about the sand. Is it vital? Recommended? My 32' X 16' X 52" pool will be here in about 7 days. I'm new to this and don't want to make a mistake (your photo's are making me nervous). My uneducated plan is to have someone dig and level...