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  1. ozdiver

    Anyone purchased refillable chlorine? Container choice?

    I use the 7 gal blue potable water jugs designed for camping. Had a pair since I built the pool. Replaced the spouts once. (Reliance Products Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Container - AMAZON)
  2. ozdiver

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Tune up day. A few #s of CA to bump up the hardness, a couple of socks full of CYA to bring up my Stabilizer levels. Water still a touch brisk for my liking but it is warming up. Certainly warm enough for poolside 🍹
  3. ozdiver

    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Napco @ Spring,TX. BYO containers, $24 for 14 gal of fresh 11.5% bleach. 🎤 drop!
  4. ozdiver

    Spa spillway tile question

    My spillway does have the same tile under the spillway. All of miner is some form of travertine. The stacked stone is the same travertine as my coping except with a hand chipped edge. My waterline tile is a small 1"x2" travertine of a darker mixed color.
  5. ozdiver

    Liquid chlorine

    Sure will. It will be a little weaker. You will just have to retest after using it to work out how much weaker.
  6. ozdiver

    FC not rising per pool math?

    Pool volume was my discrepancy when I started. I began with what the pool builder said and then corrected my expectation based on TA and FC adjustment results. Now I have it dialed in, I get the expected result from and given chemical adjustment. Having a consistent bleach supplier helps...
  7. ozdiver

    Chlorine Loss Jumped

    If, at the time you sampled, the pool had not been circulating for a while, you may have got a suppressed FC level due to your sample not being from homogeneous pool water.
  8. ozdiver

    Keeping pool open all year a good idea?

    I have always got my bleach from a bulk chemical supplier so it's availability is not seasonal and it is a higher concentration. I never close my pool. When water temp is 60 or below the FC consumption gets really low. I also go onto a shorter filter cycle once leaves have stopped dropping.
  9. ozdiver

    Checking in after Harvey!

    Well we did well for Harvey, buying in the high point of our neighborhood paid off. Spent the entire next week and weekends helping gut peoples houses. Having 25 gal of 12% bleach was a godsend for making some of those houses sanitary. As most southerners know bleach isn't the solution for mold...
  10. ozdiver

    Hurricane Irma Clean-up

    That will slowly bring it back up, very slowly. That said, there is no harm using all those tabs up over the long term. When you run out of tabs you can make the last adjustment with some powdered stabilizer. I just had to do that with Harvey.
  11. ozdiver

    New from Silicon Valley

    Welcome Dodger. Your pool appreciates you.
  12. ozdiver

    theory vs practice - filling a pool

    So after all this to and fro, I guess the pool is already full
  13. ozdiver

    Swim jet recommendations.

    My swim jet setup is not an 'off the shelf' type. I did not want to spend Riverflow sort of money and was happy with the idea of aerated water stream. I looked at the Badu system and found that unless you went for their largest triple jet setup, the width of stream would be difficult to use...
  14. ozdiver

    Who are you? How did u choose your handle?

    OZ = from Australia Diver = I enjoy scuba diving. (It is also my personal Domain name)
  15. ozdiver

    Share with me all the things you do to have a successful summer fling pool party!

    Insect Control: Don't know what the mosquitoes are like where you are, but if they are around it is miserable. Fog the yard a few hours before the party. Citronella candles are not needed if you do this, they stink the place up anyway. Around the Pool activities: Horseshoes, corn hole, they...
  16. ozdiver

    Question about electrical wiring

    That would typically be required. But if the there was a fault in the switching of something then on or off does not mean anything. That is why having your pool bonded is the most important thing that the NEC standards insist upon. Bonding or more correctly Equipotential Bonding reduces the risk...
  17. ozdiver

    Far West Houston Pool Build

    The Swim Jets I use are not a marketed 'swim jet' product. It is a venturi style setup so it does have bubbles. It is 3 large jets. They are the big brothers of spa jets in style. Each is plumbed with 2-1/2" to it's own 3hp pump with independent suction side intakes on the side of the pool. The...
  18. ozdiver

    What's One More Pool in Central Texas

    Mine has shared jet/blower piping and I can have any combination of heat/bubbles/jets. I do have a couple of jets in the spa that are looped in with pool circulation that do not run at all in spa mode.
  19. ozdiver

    What's One More Pool in Central Texas

    ^^ Agree, it may be as simple as a couple of holes left in the gunite to allow the spring water to fill the pool rather than float it (like sea valves in a ship) When they are ready to plaster they fill them in. Once they are filled, they are committed to plaster and fill the pool in quick...
  20. ozdiver

    Another Pool Build in Cypress, TX

    Looks great Suz. A credit to your planning and execution.
  21. ozdiver

    Hello from the Houston Area

    Welcome! That's one inviting backyard Chris. Your neighbors must be livid with jealousy.
  22. ozdiver

    It's Swimming Time in Texas

    Gonna need some pics buddy. Swim Jets rock!
  23. ozdiver

    2016 bleach prices

    I use a pair of these:
  24. ozdiver

    Algae despite good FC level...are phosphates to blame?

    Over time Brownian motion would cause the concentrations to even out throughout the pool. Equilibrium is the balance of all factors in a system.
  25. ozdiver

    2016 bleach prices

    Spring TX: $25.46 for 14 gal 11% at Napco chemicals - That is $0.129 per oz Cl, or $1 for every 7.7oz Cl.
  26. ozdiver

    What did you do to your pool today?

    The drop is pretty much done here and pollen is no longer a yellow slick on everything. So I thing I'm done with the hair nets for this season. Did a skim, brush and vac, then cleaned my filter. Full spectrum of tests had me dumping 20# CaCl to get my hardness up to prescribed levels. Everything...
  27. ozdiver

    Spring Texas, Construction Progress

    Re: Spring Texas, Selecting a pool builder, design, and equipment---help please! I have autofill and my overflow goes out behind my waterfall so I would notice it being wet back there if I had a malfunction.
  28. ozdiver

    Extra pool building costs

    Another cost for those homes with septics is the redesign and relocation of septic spray heads.
  29. ozdiver

    Spring Texas, Construction Progress

    Re: Spring Texas, Selecting a pool builder, design, and equipment---help please! The waterfall is also a very functional element of the pool. I use mine to cool my pool water. On cooler nights in summer I will run the waterfall between 3 and 6am. Depending on air temp this can drop my water...
  30. ozdiver

    Spring Texas, Construction Progress

    Re: Spring Texas, Selecting a pool builder, design, and equipment---help please! Those prices are great. Pool #2 is the deal. We're in Spring too. If you want to see relative deck area or anything else you are quite welcome to come look. PM me.