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  1. holdup1time

    CH Question

    My CH has been 200 since I got my new plaster pool going in early June. Was just rereading the recommended levels for CH for plaster pools and it's 250-350. What specifically will happen to my plaster if I stay at 200? I have some Cal Hypo shock i can use to bring that up....bought it when i...
  2. holdup1time

    How long to wait to get in pool after adding liquid chlorine?

    So I'm on my 4th day of converting from Trichlor pucks to liquid chlorine. Was wondering if there is a recommendation on how long one should wait to enter the water after adding my daily dose of liquid chlorine. So far, I've been adding at 6am when I got off night shift so it hasn't been an...
  3. holdup1time

    Switching from Triclor Pucks to Liquid Chlorine and now have green looking water in my inline chlorinator

    Ok so it's been 3 days since I started making the switch from Triclor pucks in my inline chlorinator to 10% liquid chlorine. My goal was to try and reduce my inline chlorinator setting to 1.5 (0 is no flow and 5 is highest flow) to keep just a little stablizer going into the pool but to get...
  4. holdup1time

    Alkalinity and Ph Questions

    My pool has been up and running now for almost a month. I have been using Triclor 3" tabs but before the tomato throwing begins, I started yesterday switching to liquid chlorine. I know the Triclor pucks are very acidic. My question is: After almost a month, I did notice a continued trend...
  5. holdup1time

    Silicone lubricant needed for the pvc threads on all my returns?

    I work in the oil/gas industry and we always use some form of "anti-seize" on pipe threads. So I'm curious about the threads of the eyeballs on all my returns and the bubblers on the tanning shelf. Wondering if those threads need some kind of "anti-seize" on them. Pool is going on 10 days...
  6. holdup1time

    CYA testing with T 2006

    Looking for some help on the proper way to test my CYA with my T 2006. I've seen a few posts here about looking for the black dot while holding it at your waist level as you as standing up. I've literally been working everyday since opening my pool and have had no time to read the...
  7. holdup1time

    Aeration - TA/PH

    Hi week member plaster pool 7 days old Ok I need some facts as I'm very confused on this topic. I've been reading so much and I can't remember what is fact or not. I have two bubblers on a shallow sun tanning shelf that put the water about 1 foot in the air above the...
  8. holdup1time

    T-2006 FC test

    Hello all, new member here. I have the Taylor 2006 test kit and it has me put 2 scoops of that white powder in, then put the drops in etc etc My question is about the seems like an inaccurate way of doing it....Ive been trying to make my scoops flat with the surface of the...
  9. holdup1time

    Time for post to show up ?

    New member here...wondering how long it takes for my post to show up. I submitted it over an hour ago. Thanks
  10. holdup1time

    Leslie's "Perfect Weekly" and Jacks Magic Metal Sequestering Agent

    Hello all, I'm a new pool owner of about 1 week. Plaster pool with some blue flakes in it. 17,000 gallon pool. My question is about using Jacks Magic Metal Sequestering Agent as a preventative measure in addition to using Leslie's "Perfect Weekly" I read on here that you should not use a...