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    codes on an Aquabot Elite Aquacontrol

    Help. Does anyone know what the codes mean on an Aquabot Elite Aquacontrol? I plug it in and it double flashes and that’s it. I can select the different features but it will not start up. Just double flashes. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    Aquabot Elite double flash on power supply

    Hi all: I hope you all can help me. I have an Aquabot Elite that is 1 1/2 years old. It is stored indoors when not in use and inside all winter. I took it out to use this season for the first time and it powered up, and did its thing. Then the next time, I get a quick double flash and that's it...
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    Where do you store your Pool Cleaner?

    Hi All: Just bought a new pool cleaner (robotic one..Aquabot Elite). Anyway, I want to keep it in as good a shape as possible so I roll it outside and back inside my basement every time I use it. I am thinking a vertical deck box cabinet would be perfect to keep it near the pool. So, wondering...
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    Cleaning accuracy and extra large pools

    Hi all. I have, compared to other home pools, a rather large pool. It's an L shaped 46 x 30. I had a Dolphin DX4 and thought it cleaned well until it bit the dust. Just got an aquabot elite and it seems to really scrub the pool but it is definitely missing areas. I am wondering if it's just the...
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    Aquabot Elite, Dolphin Premier or 300i (active 30i)

    Hi all: I currently have a Dolphin DX4 that has done a great job cleaning my large L shaped pool. I have no trees within miles but lots of dust from neighboring farms and a whole lot of wind. Last summer at the end, we had a major storm and the power supply with the caddy was blown into the...
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    Need help with final stages of algae clean up. Please!!!

    I had the dreaded mustard algae in my pool for way too long. It literally looked like a lake in just a few days (away for the weekend). The beginning stages I thought was due to the hard water and was treating metal when it, in fact was algae. Anyway, got that taken care of and pool is a nice...