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    Deleteing timer on pump

    Does anyone know how to delete a timer on a Hayward TriStar 3202VSP. I have 8 timers I can use and right now I have timer 2 & 3 with same RPM run times and days of the week and that still doesn't seem to delete the two. I only wish to have timer 1 set.
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    Best time(s) to run pump

    I live in San Tan Valley, AZ where it can get up to 122 during the monsoon season, we are in it now. I have both solar for our house and a separate system for our pool. Our electrical company is SRP and since I have solar the program I am on is one to watch the kWh between 2-8 PM. Thus I am...
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    Chemical needed

    Is there a chemical out there that can both be a water treatment and conditioner for a Salt water pool?
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    Am I set for winter in AZ

    Just moved here to San Tan Valley AZ and had a pool installed. We purchased one of those plastic bubble covers and cut it to the pool shape (kidney). The tech who set up our pump, set it to run 8 hours: 3 hrs @ 2600 rpm's for a heavy cleaning and 5 hrs @ 1725 rpm's at a normal cleaning. These...