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    Best above ground pool vinyl liner patch.

    1/16” x 3/4” is all. On the bottom. Clear gorilla tape or pool patch? If the latter, anyone have a favorite?
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    Well that’s what you get for screwing around when it’s “close enough.” Once balanced, my pool is very very stable. TA was 100 pH 7.2 Was in it six hours yesterday with the extended family. Another pool function coming up Tuesday. Was hoping to shift pH to 7.5-7.6 or so. Pulled out the soda...
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    Pump recommendations

    Currently have a Hayward powerflo MatriX SP1516-Z-1-ESC 1.5 HP 3450 RPM 115v On my 30’ round radiant. Also has a mechanical timer. Recommendations for two speed pump? Do I need a different timer?
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    Bonding issue

    in case you can't see it in my signature, Radiant 30' round, 1.5 HP single stage pump. Also have a pool light that was installed during the time of install. (EDIT: Just found the instructions for the light, PAL-2T2 light requires no bonding). Steps are not installed (and plastic anyway)...
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    Frozen ABG skimmer basket

    Usually I drain the pool below the skimmer, actually down past the return as the snow and water pushes the cover down and pushes water out anyway. Because I had to add so much softened well water (versus untreated with iron) this spring I decided to not drain it. I installed the return plug...
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    Another CYA and FC Loss thread

    All summer I battled with FC dropping faster than last year and the occasional small patch of algae. Water has been totally clear as always. since we are getting ready to pull the ladder I wanted to ensure there truly was no algae. Jacked FC to 19. Morning it is 12. Pool ia covered with...
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    Surchlor five gallon pump needed

    How do you dispense from the five gallon container? Pour into measuring device? anyone find a pump that just screws on and survives a year or two?
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    Two speed pump with sand filter.

    My current pump took a dump. Here she is. My pool store who who I actually like, says the two speed isn’t supposed to be used with a sand filter. Is that true? here is the 1.5 two speed I’m interested in. $10 less than my current pump at local price. They want to look at it before I buy from...
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    Leaking pump

    Before I start tearing into this thing. Leaking theough weep hole on the end. And also in the middle. Repair or replace?
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    Radiant winter cover ripped. Better replacement ?

    we have the four inch deluxe coping and it is a PITA to install and remove the cover. Unfortunately the cover had the rubber separate from the cover itself at the seam last year. Considering we installed in 8/2015 I would think it would last more two winters. Any recommendstions for a...
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    Thanks. Another clear opening.

    I do throw in a quart of algaecide also. pH 7.3 (was 6.8 a week ago) FC 8.0 CC nada TA 130 Ca 75 CYA 30 (or 40, I’m rusty) temp probably colder than it should be when testing :)
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    Escaped the algae

    Pulled the steps out early and decided to pull the handles off, basically 50% disassembly. Wow. Tube handles FILLED/covered with algae. Shocked I was able to maintain the pool with virtually no issues. scrubbed what I could. Flushed. Filled what I could with high percentage bleach soln.
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    I drifted from TFP protocols

    Needed to raise my CYA so instead of buying it, I used the Bioguard shock I had. Dichlor and of course copper. Anyway my TA has always been 120-140 and pH stable. Today im at TA 70 pH 7.0 it was 7.4 a few days ago. CYA 30 (9( course the CYA showed up yesterday and I'm not adding any) I...
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    Bioguard to bleach and back

    Discovered TFP last year and love it. Everyone comments on our water. The feel. Smell or lack of. The clarity. "What do you use?" bleach. "No way." Needed to raise CYA and I had some bags of Bioguard Smart Shock, dichlor. Pound yesterday and pound today. Notice the smell. Yuck. Letting it...
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    Algae. Maybe.

    Wasn't monitoring like I did last year and like I need to be. Came home the other day and appeared to have spots of algae or dirt all over bottom. Water clear as could be. I brushed it up and since it appeared to become a cloud, and my wife swearing it was greenish, I figured I would slam...
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    Latest levels. Any advice?

    We haven't taken the cover off, don't want the sun beating down on that (hopefully) clear water. Just wondering if any changes in the data below is "normal" or my error. Closing, 10/15/16 pH 7.5 FC 9.5 / 14 after adding 363 oz of bleach. Also added 32oz of Polyquat CC 0.0 TA 40 CYA 50-60...
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    UPDATE with test results!! Northeast freezing pool and maybe incorrect closing

    I am hoping I am worried about nothing. This Year I decided to leave the skimmer cover off and eyeball plug out. Winter cover is on. More water keeps going on top of the cover as snow and some rain (but not enough of the latter to pump off) that of course forces more water out of the pool...
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    Question re Closing water level

    I'm fairly certain everything will be OK. Last year I brought the level down to just below the skimmer, installed an eye and skimmer cover and plug. Left the valves open and they of course had water dripping out eventually and froze up. No issues. This year, I brought the water below the eye...
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    Deck staining

    Pressure treated soft pine (?) indtalled March 2016. With schedule and now weather, only option is to dry brush and stain. Looking at semi transparent or even semisolid oil based. I'm not set on anything special. Just wondering if I should wait until spring instead, when I can properly...
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    Closed. Almost

    pH 7.5 FC 9.5 CC 0.0 TA 40 (was 100 a month ago with very little usage since) CYA 50-60 i noticed two things about the bleach I bought at Walmart. It is 8.25% but the available Chlorine is 7.86. In addition, it is not a gallon it is 121 ounces. 3 gallons of that in along with a quart of...
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    Does CYA always leave in winter?

    Here's why. Currently at 50 or so. I have leftover Bioguard Silk Smart Sticks and I figure this would be the time of year to get rid of them due to low to soon-to-be no bather load. Also have a few bags of their shock. I figured using them now would help me get rid of them and be an ideal...
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    Burning eyes

    Yep, another one of these posts. Have been using TFP this year and beyond happy. Today we swam and our eyes burned the rest of the night. First time ever. Figured CC must be high or pH out of wack. PH 7.6 FC 5.5 CC 0.0 CYA still 50 so I guess I will test in morning as a OCLT. Can't...
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    Do I need to bother adjusting TA?

    Many of you is probably followed my threads on here since I am new to this. Thanks for all the help. 6/19 results pH 7.3 and holding nicely TA 90 I think my pool likes being at that level. This morning's results after swimming and adding fill water, approximately only 1-1.5" --- total...
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    staining deck

    I have a new section of deck, pressure treated, that needs (and I started) sanding of each screw hole (wood was too wet from what I understand). So of course those areas now appear lighter than the board itself. I have accepted the fact that the old and new decks won't match (using the same...
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    When to test after covering...

    Or removing the cover. I ask because when adding or removing the solar cover, you are bound to get pollen, dirt, leaves etc. How long do you have to wait to get an accurate chlorine level? Last night, we had a great day of swimming and I tested immediately after putting the cover on. I lost...
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    New test results and using CYA standard

    Instead of adding to my long-standing thread I thought I would start a new one. I recently received the CYA standard R – 7065 and if that is a 50, my results have been off slightly in the past. I tested multiple times with the standard and can still see the dot, although barely and fuzzy. Must...
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    Pressure when using automated cleaner

    My gauge usually reads 15 to 17 psi when using skimmer. When I use my Hayward bug automatic cleaner, it runs consistently at nine psi. Any issues? Anything I need to look at or change? Thank you
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    CC testing, 0.x vs 0.0x vs trace

    New to this and loving the site. So I test for FC, then do the CC test. ALWAYS turns the slightest shade of pink and one drop returns it to clear. So by the instructions, that is 0.5 1) is it really? I always say "trace" as I doubt it is 0.5 2) is it worth diluting to be more accurate? FC...
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    Add me to another list...

    Gov and/or corporate America watches. Bought six gallons of muriatic acid at Runnings in Rome. They had to record my license number. Why? Apparently people use it to make meth. WTH.
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    Is a better PH test needed?

    Using the one that came with TF100.