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  1. ozdiver

    Finally finished pool, but the beer truck cost a small fortune... Totally worth it.
  2. ozdiver

    Test post

    deleted by poster
  3. ozdiver

    Raising CH

    My CH is a little low (225) for a plaster pool so I am looking to raise it to 260. Is it ok to swim immediately after adding calcium chloride? Or should I wait until tonight after last swimmer is out?
  4. ozdiver

    Does the CYA Reagent R-0012 go bad?

    Got some odd results and cannot explain them so over to the experts... New plaster pool being started up over last 2 weeks. Checked this morning: FC 2 pH 7.7 TA 30 CH 325 CYA 0 Added 64 oz Mutiatic Acid to start bringing up CYA Left it for a couple of hours pH 6.8 CYA as near to 0 as I can...
  5. ozdiver

    New Build - Spring TX

    Well, we are nearly there. There are still some electrical snags that need to be resolved. Gas is still not hooked up. Waterfall not 'tuned up' to flow where we want it to. Landscape is more moon-like than yard-like. But the kids are wet, and that's what it's all about isn't it...
  6. ozdiver

    Safe to swim after muradic acid?

    I add my MA in front of one of my Swim Jets. This is essentially a large air siphon jet driven by a 3hp pump. The huge circulation it offers means I can be back in the pool sooner. Is there any negatives in adding to this heavily aerated water flow? It is not a splash hazard as the turbulence is...