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    what is best way to increase pH and alk at same time?

    Alk is 60 pH is 7.0 thanks
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    Help - can't get my pool water clear

    See attached pictures (I hope they are attached) We can only see down in the water a couple inches. pH is fine, alkalinity is a little low but not much, CYA is at 40, and we have been keeping it at shock level for weeks. It will hold its chlorine level overnight and I have run the vacuum for...
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    Where is a good place to buy solar cover online?

    I haven't purchased pool supplies online before, so looking for recommendations for good places to order from with reasonable prices. Thanks!
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    How do I diagnosis channeling in the sand filter?

    I have been running the filter like crazy and just have this cloudy haze (the pool is a beautiful, but opaque aqua color) that only allows me to see about a foot down. when I put the water in a clear glass, I can see lots of tiny white floaties (dead algae I assume) but we aren't making...
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    pool store funnies

    So I have been going crazy for the last 10 days trying to get my pool cleared up - super cloudy, milky colored water. I have been keeping the CYA low for now on purpose because there hasn't been much sun anyway and wanted to require less bleach for now. I have bought and put into my pool 16...
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    Need some IG help quickly!

    My husband and I are in the process of buying home via short sale that is headed for foreclosure. It has an IG pool (I *think* I attached a picture to this post) that has not been winterized at all. Everything seems to be fine as of now since we've had such a mild winter so far, but it is...
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    water bugs in pool but Chlorine level has remained steady???

    I have been doing better this year with keeping up with the pool maintenance than I ever have before. daughter just got in and little water bugs came over and landed on her legs. A bunch of them....yuck! My question is how this is possible with my chlorine level at about a 6...
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    Pool store scam???

    I called local pool store and it quoted a price of $587 plus tax for a certain liner. The same color name "Golden Beach" liner is on a pool supplies website for $399 with no tax or shipping charge. I asked pool store if they were negotiable and she said "The online liners are a different...
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    brownish orange stains on bottom edges of pool

    I have been keeping my chlorine at shock level for weeks and all numbers are great; been running the filter for 24/7 for weeks except when I used a flock. Pool is still very cloudy, but now I can easily see the bottom at least. There are dark patches around the edge of the pool bottom that I...
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    cloudy water

    Okay, I got numbers from the pool store this morning: Free Chlorine: 6.6 Total Chlorine: 7.3 pH 7.4 hardness: 160 Alk: 180 acid: 10 copper: .23 iron: 0 I tested with my DPD kit this morning and I got a reading of 16, which is what the reading was at midnight last night - I have no idea how our...
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    super-cloudy water

    Alk 200 pH 7.2 FC 10 CC 2 calcium 260 CYA - not sure, but after almost total refill, have added 6 1-lb. bags of di-chlor (I am out of CYA reagent right now) Any advice would be appreciated. Water is a pretty light green but you can't see the second step after almost a week of running the...
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    Barracuda Ranger vs. Barracud Kon Tiki

    We have a Baracuda Ranger that I love, but the flow valve thing that goes in the skimmer broke and that part costs almost as much as a whole new unit ($90 for that part!!!). Anyway, I was looking online at new ones and saw a less expensive, but similar looking unit called a "Barracuda Kon...
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    free versus total chlorine

    Is there an article to explain this concept to me? I have never registered a difference with my test kit b/t free and total, but tonight, there was no free chlorine and a lot of total chlorine. What does this mean? Thanks! Erin
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    Pump/filter problem?

    Just opening the pool this spring. When I turn on the pump, the pump basket is not filling all the way and the return flow back into the pool is very weak. Checked the hoses and everything seems tight. I put lubricant on the o-ring of the pump basket lid. Any other suggestions or thoughts as...
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    ??'s re: installing beaded liner

    We have a beaded liner. To replace it, does the top metal piece that goes around the top of the pool have to be removed? Is it a do-it-yourself project or something that really needs to be done by a pro? Thanks!
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    Need advice re: liner

    We have a 27 foot AG round. We put a new liner in it 4 or 5 years ago. Last summer, had a leak that we never could find. We realized this spring that the leak is much lower than we thought, as the water level is down to about one foot, maybe a little more. Second issue is that there is a...
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    Problem with pool filter and need advice

    Here is a description of what is going on...I was vacuuming the bottom of the pool this evening. I went to unhook the hose and was going to backwash. I noticed that the pump basket was not full, but just immediately using the water as quickly as it entered it from the pool. This often happens...
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    Is this a good price for 12.5% liquid chlorine?

    A few questions: Pool store is having a sale and has the 12.5% on sale for 4, one gallon containers for $14. Is this a good price worth stocking up? Also, I noticed that they also have the powdered stuff (no di-chlor or tri-chlor like the powdered shock I usually see) - what is a good price...
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    a few question re: my pool

    Hi there. You saved me last year from pool store he!! - every time I went into the store, they had a new $30 product for me to try to clear up my pool (swamp then). I came here and never looked back. However, I do have 2 new questions this spring as I try to refresh my memory. One, my...
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    Alkalinity high?

    Last week, I had high alkalinity and high pH. I tested both today after my daughter complained that her eyes were burning and found the pH to be at 7.6 and the alkalinity was 200. I hve never had to knowingly adjust the alkalinity so not sure what to do here and am short on time to research it...
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    Cloudy and shocking not working

    Total chlorine: >10 free chlorine: >10 Calcium: 150 CYA: pool store - 30 ; my Taylor test: 60 pH 7.9 alk. 180 copper - 0 iron - 0 tds --- I have been shocking the beejeebees out of it for a few days now, but it is still very cloudy and crummy looking. Pool party on Saturday and I am desperate...
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    need help with my sand filter

    I have a new sand filter this season, which has been working great until yesterday. I noticed that the pump basket was not completely full, which happens when the pressure increases and it needs backwashed, but the pressure gauge reads pressure of only 1. I also noticed that there are some...
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    Lighting for AG pool???

    We would love to have the pool lit at night, but are not sure the best way to accomplish that. It is a 27' round. Any thoughts? I saw a few floating lights on a pool store website, but want to get advice about what really works and what doesn't. Thanks! :?:
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    solar cover question

    We have a solar cover that came with the pool and I am wondering if it really is doing any good or if we are better off just taking it off on sunny days. It is a medium blue color and has little air bubbles on one side that go against the water when it is on the pool. Do these really work...
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    DE powder in sand filter? Also, clarifier issue...

    Pool is clean but foggy. I have used clarifier in the past to get the tiny particles, but what is the BBB method for not needing clarifier? I wondered if using DE powder in the sand filter might help with the tiny particles, and if so, how to go about doing that? Ppol store said not to put DE...
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    How soon should algae be visibly turning whitish after shok?

    I followed advice of pool calculator to raise to shock level according to my pool size and CYA levels, and added about 2X to 3X the number of bleach bottles called for by the calculator (I hope that isn't too much of a good thing, but I want this to end soon). That was several hours ago...
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    what is the highest chlorine level safe for swimming in?

    My cheapy tester kit shows dark yellow as the highest reading at 5ppm. My water (in the process of being fixed with help from here) is testing at a light to medium orange. Is this safe to get into? Working on lowering the CYA; pool store kept telling me to shock, shock and more shock, and it...
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    Help! 5 kids dying to swim but pool is a swamp!

    Went to the pool store last Thursday with a water sample and got following numbers: CYA 116 TC 1 FC .5 pH 7.2 Adj. Total Alk 82 tot. hardness 296 At their suggestion, I added 12 lbs. of "Balance Pack" to raise alkalinity (which I understand now was very expensive baking...