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    Pentair IC40 salt light red not scrolling when powers up

    It's a about a year and a half old and was cleaned about a year ago. If cell shows good and it's producing chlorine, I would have thought that wouldn't be the problem. Could being dirty stop the salt reading while everything else still works?
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    Pentair IC40 salt light red not scrolling when powers up

    I have an ic40 that shows red for salt level, but the level tests at 4400. Usually when it powers up, it scrolls through the lights until it gets a read but now it just starts at red and remains. The other lights are good and it is producing chlorine. Any suggestions?
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    Poolside kitchen.

    Well, back in February, we contracted with a pool company to build our pool and our kitchen structure. I decided to not have them do the "kitchen" because they quoted a really high price and we didn't know what we wanted yet. Before they poured the concrete I did the stub-ins and told them what...
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    New pool - Houston TX

    We're closing in on getting our pool finished, and I wish I had started this in order to do live updates. I'll start with the artist rendition and work forward to where we are today. - - - Updated - - - Construction: - - - Updated - - -
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    Anyone have experience with Platinum Pools?

    I'm in the Houston, TX area and have just begun shopping for a PB. Anyone have experience with Platinum Pools they could share? Thanks.
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    Howdy from Huffman Tx (just outside of Houston)

    I just joined TFP, because we are starting to shop for a PB. I'm about to start asking a number of questions under different areas (after searching for answers first). I'm very happy this site exists, because a pool is a sizable expenditure for me.