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    Dark stains on plaster

    Hi there. I have rust colored stains that are on my plaster in deep end and on 1st step. See pics. Any ideas? Water sparkling clear.
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    Mortar in pool

    We are getting a new concrete deck installed with brick coping. They installed coping yesterday, and what do you know....there are a couple spots where a quarter sized glob of mortar fell onto our gunite pool surface. Any advice on how to remove them safely with minimal damage to gunite? I'm...
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    Stain in DEEP end

    I need to apply Vitamin C to a stain in the deep end of my pool. I've read where people put it in a sock and weigh a rock down on it, but I can't swim all the way to the very bottom where it is. It is even on the sloped part where a rock wouldn't rest. Any other suggestion for how to rig it...
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    Suggestions please...

    Here are my current numbers: FC 3 CC .5 TC 3.5 PH 7.5 TA 70 CH 240 CYA 25-30 I know I need to add my normal bleach, but I'm guessing I need to go ahead and bump my CYA a bit. We've had a TON of rain in the past month. Should I also bump the TA and CH numbers as well? They seem a bit low for...
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    Advice on CYA

    Started using BBB method mid-season last year. LOVE IT! We had HUGE CYA numbers and had to drain and refill several times. Well, believe it or not, we have had sooo much rain that my CYA is now 20 or maybe a bit less. I know I need to add some stabilizer. I have some pucks left from my...
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    Kool Decking and Concrete failing

    We have now gotten our clean and sparkling pool thanks to TFP! Now we are focusing on deciding what to do about the concrete deck around it. It is 20 year old concrete with cracked kool decking breaking off. Not only is the bullnose of concrete around the pool breaking off, but some cracks...
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    How many pucks for vacation?

    Ok....Just began the BBB method about a month ago after having a cya count in the hundreds. We are loving the BBB method. Bleach and empty skimmers every day and brushing the walls every other day. All is trouble free and easy. However, we are leaving for the beach on a mini-vacation and...
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    When is the best time to run the pool pump?

    I read somewhere on here about running the pool pump for about as many hours as gallons of water in my pool. The, try backing off some to find the most economical, yet beneficial length of time to run. Correct? I have ours running from early evening into early morning. Is there a best time...
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    OCLT timeframe

    Out for the evening and it rained. Tested FC and needed to add some. Did so. Now, it's 11 pm. I'll need to get water sample at 6 am....7 hours from now. Is that enough time to determine if I've lost less than 1 ppm?
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    Calcium hardness

    My current readings FC 3.5 CC .5 TC 4 PH 7.2 TA 50 CH 130 CYA 40 Plaster material has shown up in our vacuum bag. Do I need to go ahead and add calcium? Will that prevent this for happening? What about alkalinity. Fix that at the same time?
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    Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda vs. Borax

    The local walmarts around here have been out of borax for a while. Does the A&H super washing soda do the same thing? Is this what the pool calculator calling 'washing soda'? This says sodium carbonate on box.
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    How long can I let sample sit before testing?

    If I am doing oclt test, can my hubby get up before the sun and collect the sample and I test it a few hours later? :P
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    How will "lake water" swimsuits affect my chlorine pool?

    We live near a large lake and the kids swim there often. However, they occasionally get into the pool without rinsing their "lake water" suits out with the hose prior. Could this cause algae to grow in our pool? How big of an issue is this?
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    TF100 Test Results Inconclusive- Now What?

    I am new to this pool testing process. I am going to have to "take over" for my husband. He has been adding soooo many chlorine pucks and bags of shock to try to combat algae. Therefore, my sister in law offered to come test using the TF100 kit. She has never seen the results I'll list...