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  1. DeanP66

    Lower CYA and FC

    Is your fill water connected to a water softener? That could be the reason your CH is only 70.
  2. DeanP66

    Soon to be new pool owner - Basic Questions

    If it's already cloudy with frogs in it, you need liquid chlorine in there ASAP! Otherwise it will become a green swamp in no time. You really need to get an accurate CYA test so you'll know at what level to dose your liquid chlorine.
  3. DeanP66

    First time water testing

    Welcome to TFP and congrats on the new pool. You've definitely come to the right place. Good job on getting a quality test kit. It doesn't really matter what order you do the tests. The pH test can read abnormally high if your FC is over 10 PPM though. Just run all the tests and post them...
  4. DeanP66

    Weir Door broke off

    I was able to replace my weir door with a new one from Leslie's (sigh). Mine was the type where you line up the weir door where you want it and you pull out the two pins which forces each end of the weir door holder against the inner walls of the skimmer in a spring like action. There is...
  5. DeanP66

    New Routines Following Study of TFP

    Use the 10 mL sample for your chlorine reading because you will burn through your chlorine drops otherwise. Each drop will count as .5 instead of .2. .5 is accurate enough for our purposes.
  6. DeanP66

    Trying to get the CYA under control.

    You should be fine doing that for a while. Just be sure to supplement it with some liquid chlorine every once in a while to keep your FC level up where it should be. Remember, your FC requirements will rise some with every 10 ppm of CYA you add to your pool. Good job though. You really took...
  7. DeanP66

    ”leave” me alone

    If vitamin c lightens the stain, the stain is from some type of metal in your water. It's probably iron, or copper. Those are the two most common metal stains found in pools. You can test it by putting some vitamin c tablets in a sock and holding it down on the stain for a few minutes. If...
  8. DeanP66

    Vacuum Head

    I have used a Swimline vacuum head for the last several years and think it works great. It is one of the cheaper ones out there. The key to it is that it comes with a spring that you install between the head and the handle. This spring helps keep the head in the vertical position when going...
  9. DeanP66

    Hello all, new to forum

    If you have a drain in the deep end, we still can't see it in the pic, so keep up the SLAM. If not, put your pool pole all the way to the bottom of the deep end and see if you can see the pole at the bottom.
  10. DeanP66

    Hello all, new to forum

    When draining with your pool pump, you have to make sure to not drain the water below the skimmer because your pump will suck air and could burn out and die if left that way too long. You can avoid this, if you can shut off your skimmer at the equipment pad, but if not, a submersible pump is...
  11. DeanP66

    HELP! Thought things were going well....

    Nicole, A salt water pool generates the chlorine for you without having to add anything to the water. Initially, you just have to add some bags of salt to get to a certain salt level (usually between 2800-3400). The SWCG (salt water chlorine generator) uses the salt and converts it to...
  12. DeanP66

    New Pool Guy

    How about a couple of pics of the pool and the clarity of the water? We LOVE pictures!!
  13. DeanP66

    Hello all, new to forum

    If you don't like bleach, you can use liquid chlorine. It's actually the same thing except liquid chlorine has a higher concentration of chlorine (usually either 10 or 12.5%). In case you don't know, all hard chlorine like tablets, powdered shock and granules contain either CYA or calcium in...
  14. DeanP66

    slamming without result

    Just be vigilant about keeping your FC in the right range for your CYA level and you won't have any problems with the water again.
  15. DeanP66

    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Orchard Supply Hardware has Kem Tek 10% chlorine on sale for for $4.99 for a case of 2 gallons.
  16. DeanP66

    Metals that won't' go away

    The Culator is what probably reduced your iron reading. the sequesterants do not. They just keep the iron in solution and off your walls and floor.
  17. DeanP66

    slamming without result

    The CYA test is the one the stores mess up the most. When doing it yourself, make sure you do the test in bright sunlight with your back to the sun and the tester in the shade of your body near your waist. I like to fill to each level of 10 and test. So, for example, I'll fill to the 100...
  18. DeanP66

    Trying to get the CYA under control.

    Was that maybe the day after you cleaned the filter? A clean filter tends to allow much better water flow.
  19. DeanP66

    Trying to get the CYA under control.

    If you're trying to lower TA, then yes, add MA to lower to 7.0. That will drop TA some. Then aerate pool to raise pH only back up to around 7.4. Repeat until you're happy with your TA number. I just lowered mine to 60 yesterday because it had crept up to around 100 and it was affecting my CSI...
  20. DeanP66

    Trying to get the CYA under control.

    If you are getting a lot of swimmers and kids jumping in a lot (cannonballs), they are causing aeration naturally. That tends to drive up the pH. The lower you can keep the TA, the slower the pH will rise. I'd recommend that when pH hits 7.8, dose it down to 7.4 so you don't have to add MA so...
  21. DeanP66

    Pool hasn't been opened in 5 years

    Being that it's already early August, I think I'd probably drain that baby down to a a foot in the shallow end and then refill with fresh water. With the dark color of the pool, it is gonna take a LOT of chlorine to clear that up and it will take time. If you do the drain and refill, you'll...
  22. DeanP66

    Trying to get the CYA under control.

    Looks like you're good to go. Just watch that FC like a hawk and you'll be ok.
  23. DeanP66

    Should I continue to SLAM?

    No need if you have a vinyl pool. :cool:
  24. DeanP66

    Taking over pool care

    Sounds like you've got it under control.:goodjob:
  25. DeanP66

    Trying to get the CYA under control.

    No, a refill will lower CYA some. If your water is crystal clear, you should do an OCLT to see if you need to SLAM or not. Add enough liquid chlorine to raise FC to around 10 and test it after sun is down. Record your number. Then, wake up early and take another FC reading before sun hits...
  26. DeanP66

    Trying to get the CYA under control.

    Wow! That is really caked up isn't it? Good decision to tear it down and change it. Be sure to take the drain plug out from the bottom and flush all the filthy water out the bottom as well.
  27. DeanP66

    Vaccuming pool

    Or, if your skimmer isn't near a return jet, you can just attach the hose to your vacuum head, submerge the head with pole attached to the bottom of the deep end and start feeding the hose straight down into the water in front of your skimmer. Once the entire hose is submerged and all the...
  28. DeanP66

    New Pool Water

    You need some liquid chlorine in there PRONTO!! Salt cells are not meant for raising FC. They are slow and steady and basically help you maintain a certain level. If you have 0 FC, add liquid chlorine to raise your FC up to at least 5 PPM. You probably only need about 1 gallon of 10% to get...
  29. DeanP66

    Trying to get the CYA under control.

    Test the pH, TA, and CH of your fill water. My CH here in San Jose is around 300. I bet yours is somewhere around there. I did a full drain and refill last March ('17) because of super high CYA (200) and CH (1000+). After the refill, the CH settled in at 300. It's since gone up to around...
  30. DeanP66

    Trying to get the CYA under control.

    His new CH will really depend on what the CH of his fill water is. To get down to CH 180, he would have to be refilling with water with 0 CH. More than likely, it's probably anywhere from 100 to 250. At 250, his 70% drain and refill would drop his CH from 600 down to 350. At 100, it would...