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    Extra precautions when power washing?

    I'm planning on powerwashing our deck ... maybe not this weekend since there is of course rain in the forecast ... but since my pool is sparkly I don't want to get junk in it! So, do you take precautions when powerwashing? or just try and power wash away from the pool? My hubby thinks I am...
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    Now that I haven't spent all my $ at the pool store - hangers for brushes/nets for above ground

    Tis the problem with being a TFP person ... now that my water is super clear ... I've been on google and youtube ... both can be dangerous places for a pool owner! Anyway ... Looking for a way to possibly hand the brush/poles/nets over the side of our above ground pool. Has anyone DIYed...
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    Been a fan of TFP for a while ... but been away!

    I found TFP back in 2013 when we set up our pool, but been away for a while! Just got finished with my slam to open and working on the backyard oasis for the season! pool is 78* hopefully swimming in a couple days! Hubby and I live in the boonies in central NC on almost 7 acres ... have...
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    TF-100 refills, CYA reagent, and My SLAM!

    I am waiting on my TF kit refills ... I can't slam until they get here, hopefully tomorrow afternoon. I was using the last bit of my CYA test and it registered 0 ... which isn't uncommon for me coming out of winter, and that we have gotten so much rain in NC. However, I did float 4 pucks in my...
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    Sand Filter Help - changed sand for first time

    I just changed the sand in our sand filter yesterday ... I've been using the BBB method since we set up the pool 5 years ago and I've been having trouble with the water clearing ... I don't know the age of the filter since we got the pool from a friend (above ground pool), nor do I know when the...
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    Calculator not working on my phone ... how many pucks?

    I was trying to use the calculator but it is not working on my phone! I purposely left my cya low at 20 the start of the season so I can use pucks while we are on vacation ... the cya is currently 6 and cya is 20 we have 11000 gallon pool ... how many 3” trichlor pucks can I use? - - - Updated...
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    Pool owner patience saves the day again!

    My cloudy pool finally turned the corner! I can see a quarter on the bottom! Now ... if it were a few degrees warmer! Time to sit back and enjoy the weekend!
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    Caretaker flocced pool ... ugh

    We were away for an extended period and had someone taking care of our pool ... which they forgot and then panicked and ended up shocking and then floccing the pool. BTW - I was a member of this forum quite a while back when we set up our pool and have never had a problem with it until now...