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    Rope around bottom of Intex AGP

    Two questions. The instructions don't specify so should the legs be inside that rope just like they are inside that band around the middle? Also, what purpose does that bottom rope serve?
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    Vacuum for Intex Above Ground Pool

    Have an Intex AGP with the 1500Gph Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump (28635EG). My only gripe I've ever had is with cleaning the bottom of the pool of dirt that blew in. The included vacuum you hook up to your hose is really more for getting bigger things like leaves, as the dirt just blows...
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    HTH test kit with Clorox OTO

    I have the HTH 3 way kit, ran out of their OTO and all the store had was Clorox refills so I bought that. My HTH OTO required 5 drops but Clorox OTO bottle says 4 drops. I'm not sure how many to actually use those, can anyone help?
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    Keeping water clean without pump for 2 days

    Long story short, pump died right as the pool finished filling up and I should have a new one in two days. Pool has been shocked once, I dropped a few chlorine tabs in the skimmer basket in the water, that's it. Any tips to keep the water from going bad while I wait on my new pump?
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    Intex 635T won't turn on

    Have a Intex 635T pump that this would have been it's 6th year in use, but it won't turn on. The outlet I'm plugging it in to is good, it's not flipping a breaker. I flip the switch either to on or timer on, and it doesn't start. When I flip it to On I don't really here anything, when I flip...
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    Liquid solar cover: any good, can use with solar cover?

    I saw online that liquid solar covers are a thing. Anyone ever used them and can share their experiences? Could I use that with a real solar cover to help keep more heat in my pool? I don't have a heater and it's ALMOST warm enough to use the pool but not quite as the water is a bit too cold...
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    Intex drain plug for hose homemade replacement options?

    Trying to drain an Intex AGP with the single drain plug that it came with, but wondering if anyone has any luck fashioning a homemade drain plug for an additional hose to double the draining speed on a pool with two drain holes.
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    Solar cover too small, will it still work

    Bought a new solar cover, which is supposedly the same size as my round AGP. The solar cover measures 16ft but there appears to be about a foot gap between the solar cover and the edge of the pool, even though my old cover was 16ft and the pool is supposedly a 16ft. I even took the cover out...
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    How to find leak in full above ground pool

    Have an Intex AGP for a few years now, this year only after filling it up did I notice a bit of water by one of the legs, coming from somewhere underneath the pool. The water was barely noticeable so though maybe I was ok or it was condensation from the cold water filling up the pool. Well now...
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    Best way to get last few inches of water out of Intex AGP

    I have an Intex AGP, drained it with a hose through the drain plug, but there's still a few inches of water in the bottom. What's the best way, or at least some options, to get that last bit of water out of the bottom? Last year i held one end of the pool as high as I could to help push the...
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    Better to drain water from top of bottom

    OK, this sounds silly I know, but curiosity has bit me so throwing a hypothetical question out there. Say you need to drain your pool a bit for whatever reason, are there any advantages or disadvantages to either draining the water from the bottom vs. more from the top? As I'm SLAM'ing and...
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    Solar cover on or off when SLAM'ing

    When SLAM'ing a pool, is it better to leave the solar cover on or off, or does it not really matter?
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    Too much HTH Super Algae Guard, now water is cloudy, what should I do

    Short version, asked someone to take care of my pool, they forgot, i came back and had algae. So thought I would try HTH Super Algae Guard as it said it killed and protected against algae. Unfortunately I think in my rush I mixed up the lower initial dose amount with a follow-up amount, so...
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    Solar heaters for Intex AGPs

    Good afternoon everybody. Most days this summer so far just haven't been hot enough to go in the pool, the water is still a little colder than we'd like even with the solar cover being on the pool 24/7. Was looking online for solar powered water heaters, there seem to be quite a few options...
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    HTH Clear All Power Pod used, now filter is clogged, will it eventually dissolve?

    I have an Intex 16x48 AGP with the stock pump/filter. I saw the HTH Clear All Power Pods in the store so figured i'd give them a shot since my water looked a bit cloudy. So i switched my filter for good measure, I put one pod in the skimmer basket as directed, then as the package said sat back...
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    what to do with old damaged pool from warranty return

    I have an intex 16x48 agp that had a leak from day 1, so after cutting out parts to make it unusable they sent me a brand new pool under warranty but I still have your old one. what can I or should I do with the old one any suggestions?
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    How to straighten out Intex AGP leg after pool is full

    It appears I have one leg that is way more crooked than the others, and wonder if there's any options whatsoever to straighten it even though the pool is full. is there some sort of jack where i can take a bit of pressure off one of the straight bars enough to straighten and relevel that leg...
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    How to figure out theoretical CYA level from tablets

    Hi everybody. Hope there's some math and chem wizards out there who can help. I have a 16'x48" AGP, but this year it seems like i can't get the chlorine to stay in the pool, so my buddy gave me two HTH 3" tablets that have CYA in it (the container he took them out of had an orange lid). I...
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    Do you put anything in stored AGP for winter?

    I just took down my intex AGP and have it not completely folded up in a shed so it can completely dry out. But is there anything i should spray/sprinkle inside the pool while it sits in the shed through the winter? Like something to stop it from cracking (if it even does that), keep varmints...
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    Draining AGP, last little bit of water little green

    I have a 16x48 intex AGP that i'm draining, the water is almost below the level of the drain plug thing, so i have that water to still drain somehow still. As it's taken days to drain, that water at the bottom has gotten a little brown/green, guessing from leaves and maybe algae? Is there...
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    Rough guess for drain time of a 16x48 Intex with one hose

    Hey everybody. I have to drain a 16x48 Intex pool this weekend, but is there any way to figure out roughly how long it should take to drain the thing? I just have one hose and drain plug thing to put on the hose.
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    Summer Escapes vs. Intex A/C filter cartridges

    The closest place I can buy pool supplies only sells Summer Escapes and Intex a/c filter cartridges. Does one work better over the other, or are they about the same?
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    Can hear air girgling through tube sucking water into filter

    Hey guys. I have an intex AGP with a (i think) 1,500 gallons per hour filter. the filter just isn't sucking right, you can hear it girgling (cant think of how else to describe it) through the tube sucking water into the filter, and every time i do the air release on the top of the filter...
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    Intex Skimmer Basket - how low should it go

    Hi all. I have an Intex Ultra frame 16x48 AGP. I have an embarrassing question to ask about the skimmer basket, which has the base, then the white skimmer basket inside of that, then the floaty blue thing over/inside that (I know real great explanations). How deep in the water should the...
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    ordering intex replacement podcasts online

    what website would you guys recommend to use to order some replacement parts for an intex 16x48 Ultra Frame above ground pool. I think I need to replace the tube and big plastic gray nuts from the filter to the lower valve on the pool itself.
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    Filter not taking in water like it should, can hear water

    Hi all. I have an Intex 16x48 ultra frame with the filter that came with it. I noticed that it doesn't seem to be spitting out or sucking in water like it used to. I think the problem may be with the lower valve/tube that sucks the water in to the filter, as it doesn't seem to be sucking in...
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    everything tests okay but water a bit cloudy

    I just tested chlorine and bromine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, and cyanuric acid and everything was in the recommended range. the water seems just a tad cloudy still though. any thoughts on what might be causing it. the last time the filter was replaced it wasnt rinsed firstI don't...
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    Tips for re-leveling area for AGP

    Hey guys. Last year was my first year with an Intex AGP and everything went fairly smooth. Now I enter year 2 of pool ownership, and have a question about re-leveling the ground. Last year I dug, filled with dirt then topped with sand, the area where my pool goes. Does anyone have any tips...
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    Year 2, how to relevel properly

    Last year was my first year with an intex AGP. I leveled the ground by digging up a bit, filling with dirt, then putting a layer of sand on top to get it level. Considering how not level my backyard is, I got it pretty level, but I did have two slightly low spots as I could tell by where water...
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    Intex Ultra Frame take down tips

    Hi guys, thanks to your help, I setup an intex 14x48 ultra frame agp this year, on level ground too! :-D I'm thinking it's about that time to take it down though, as temps at night are closer to 50 than 70. Anyone have any tips for the take-down or storage of the pool for the winter? Thanks...