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  1. awstevens

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    My levels are good and water is clear but I keep seeing small algae spots on my thermoplastic stairs and the corners of the skimmer opening. I'm also seeing dust on the bottom when I vacuum/brush but I assumed it was pollen because we've had a ton of it and the pollen gets dumped into the pool...
  2. awstevens

    Broken Vacuum Hose

    My vacuum hose snapped right in the middle. I found a threaded coupling online for $9. Is it worth trying to repair or should I just buy a new one? Most of the hoses I see on Amazon get very poor reviews. Are there any that people have been happy with or are they all the same?
  3. awstevens

    Jandy Valve Stuck Open

    The valve I use to close one of the skimmers when vacuuming the pool seems to be stuck in the open position. The twist lock on top is loose but I can't get the handle to budge at all. The other skimmer and main drain valves are working normally. It worked fine when I vacuumed the pool last week...
  4. awstevens

    PSA: Always consider drainage when building your pool

    Our house sits on a little bit of a hill so the back yard is lower than the front, meaning the pool is at the bottom of a slope. The PB recommended we install a french drain to give the pool/patio better drainage. The drain runs from the downspout on the corner of the house, along the front edge...
  5. awstevens

    New Pool - First Test

    Our pool was installed in the fall but never opened and equipment never turned on. We just opened it for the spring yesterday so I am getting started today. The builder said they added some salt and chlorine and I did my first run of tests today. Just looking for some support as I work through...
  6. awstevens

    Solar Cover Questions

    We installed our pool in the fall but they covered it right after filling it so it's been a long torturous winter. Even though we're getting another dusting of snow today I'm starting to plan for opening our pool. Our goal is to be ready to swim by Memorial Day weekend so I'm having the pool...
  7. awstevens

    Splotchy Concrete Patio

    Is this area normal with freshly poured concrete? They poured the patio last Tuesday, the 3rd. There were other whitish areas which we were told to expect (and water) as it was curing but this area looks splotchy like something spilled. I asked the PB and he said the color should even out as it...
  8. awstevens

    Town water vs truck for first fill?

    Our pool is currently being built and should be ready to fill in the next 2-3 weeks. The pool is ~28,000 gallon IG vinyl pool. We aren't planning to use it this year but I assume the builder will fill it to normal level to test everything before lowering the water for winter. Are we better off...
  9. awstevens

    New Build - Eastern MA

    Four months since signing the contract we are finally underway. It's late in the season here but we wanted to get the pool built and yard repaired this year so we are ready to enjoy it next year. The build will be an IG 36x18 Lazy L with 8' deep end, vinyl liner and brushed concrete decking...
  10. awstevens

    New Build - Estimate Pool Electricity Usage

    Our pool build is scheduled to start sometime in late August/Early September. We're also installing a solar system (for electrical not solar pool heater) this summer. Is there an easy way to estimate how much electricity usage the new pool will add in order to properly size the solar array to...