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  1. Nozzleman2727

    Ch level

    I have Above ground pool, and my CH is 230. The pool math app says my target is 175. I’m not sure if I need to be concerned. I have a pool heater and don’t want to damage it with bad chemistry but
  2. Nozzleman2727

    Above ground salt water pool

    I have a above ground that is dropped halfway in. It’s a saltwater 8000. And although it’s “made for salt water”. I’ve been told when u drop them in the ground there are little scratches that rocks and gravel make to the coating and the salt causes rusting . Just wondering what your guys...
  3. Nozzleman2727

    Hayward h series pool heater

    I have a Hayward h series pool heater. It’s less then 2 yrs old but out of warranty. I noticed last week that water was leaking out of it and after looking up some internet stuff realized it was the heat exchanger. After battling with useless pool maintenance company. I ordered a new one and...