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    Intex 16x48 pool being torn down and releveled.

    I did a teardown and rebuild of my pump motor last year when the bearings went. I hope I can find those pics. It seems common for the bearings in the intex pump to fail after a year or so of use. They are very cheap and easy to replace over getting a new pump. My pump runs smoother and quieter...
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    Intex 16x48 pool being torn down and releveled.

    Hi all. We had a long cold winter here in New Hampshire. I left my 1 season old intex up and it held up great. Unfortunately after being filled for a few says it must have resettled. Its almost 1 and a half inches off on 1 side. I have 3 kids and their friends in the pool all summer so I'm not...
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    Added polyquat 60 and bleach at same!

    Rinse that intex cartridge often. 2-3 times a day to help keep it filtering good. Not all the time just well your battling algae.
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    adding platform to intex ladder

    I would not use a bolt and thread it into the plastic/resin of the platform. It will become a problem sooner or later. I wonder if you took the bolts that hold the top u shaped pieces out if the platform would slid up to that point and then you could drill holes in the spots on the platform...
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    Loud Pool Pump Problems. Do I replace or fix?

    I did my sand filter pump bearings for about 5$. Good bearings cheap all over eBay. It's easy to do also.
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    Intex pumps

    I used intex cartridge filters for my first 3 seasons with a pool. The water never got clear and I had to run it 24/7 even then it would leave junk in the pool. Pulling it apart several times a week to rinse or replace the filter was also a pain. Last year we bought the intex 1,600gph sand...
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    Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Above Ground Pool, 24' x 12'

    Re: Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Above Ground Pool, 24' x 1 Intex does have 2 different 24 x 12 kits on their site but I can't seem to find a model number on either. Here's the saltwater system maybe you can find a model number. ... 979eg.html Either...
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    Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Above Ground Pool, 24' x 12'

    Re: Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Above Ground Pool, 24' x 1 Here is the link ... roduct_top Only thing I did not notice yesterday is they are out of stock but it does state that it comes with the salt water system. I will look around and see if I can...
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    Help with easyset intex: wrong way ring

    It's been a few years since I have had a easy set so at first I assumed over inflated, but after looking at a few pics on google I would say its made wrong. I can't see the ring not popping by that point if it was made right, but it could be plausible but I still doubt it. They need to contact...
  10. poolnew-b intex pool leaks everywhere!

    Good to know, I was told to use the Vaseline on my o-rings a year or 2 ago on these forums. I got to say it worked and hasn't ruined anything, but I guess I was mislead by someone on here. Plus this seaon we bought a new intex and I haven't put any Vaseline on it. I believe I originally wound...
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    Help with easyset intex: wrong way ring

    The ring is clearly way overinflated and the pool is not full, you need to let a lot of air out of the ring and fill the pool more.
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    Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Above Ground Pool, 24' x 12'

    Re: Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Above Ground Pool, 24' x 1 It states in the description on amazon that it comes with the salt water system. Includes filter pump; saltwater system; ladder; ground cloth; cover; deluxe maintenance kit; volleyball set; DVD
  13. poolnew-b intex pool leaks everywhere!

    I'm talking about the black piece at the bottom of the plunger valve in this link ... 05178.html
  14. poolnew-b intex pool leaks everywhere!

    There's a grove/channel in the smooth part that the o-ring goes into, it sounds like you put it under the threads in between the hose and the threaded piece. That would explain the leaking.
  15. poolnew-b intex pool leaks everywhere!

    I don't think it would help. When you connected the hose to the plunger valve did you have to push on it with a bit of force to get it over the black ring? I ask because with both my new and previous intex pools it took some force to get them to slide over the black ring, which it should...
  16. poolnew-b intex pool leaks everywhere!

    If you take the hose off the plunger valve there should be a black o-ring gasket. Have you noticed if that is missing or not? Sounds like its either missing or worn out. If its still on there try putting some Vaseline on it, that may help. Just retread your last post and it sounds like you have...
  17. poolnew-b intex pool leaks everywhere!

    Something tells me that your missing the rubber gaskets. I've never heard of any intex pools leaking that much. Are there any black rubber gaskets between your hose and pump connection? Is there a big black washer type gasket on your in and outlets?
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    Fixing the leaking sand drain plug on my filter

    I would take the plug to a hardware store and first try to find if it will thread onto anything there. If it does then just by a plug for that size. It may or may not be possible to find a replacement at a hardware store but that's where I would look first.
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    Intex SF15110 motor problrm

    More than likely the bearing are shot. It cost me 5$ on ebay for a new set and a small bit of time changing the bearings. Its not hard but its not for people that have no mechanical skill. I have been working on getting up a tutorial on changing the bearings in the Intex pumps. I have the pics...
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    Pool Vacuuming on Intex 22' x 52"

    It looks like your pool comes with the Venturi style vac which works great for bigger stuff but IMO doesn't get enough of the smaller particles. Your better of looking into upgrading to a sand filter. As for using the vac you have look on YouTube for vids on the intex Venturi vacuum.
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    Platform for pool

    Just level the ground by digging down the high side. Another option is having a thick concrete pad poured. But I would just get a 2x4x8 a 4 foot level a 2 ft level will work if a 4 ft is out of your reach a flat and spaded shovel for digging and a metal rake. Tons of YouTube vids on leveling a...
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    I need some Intex hard plumbing help.

    Ok so I can use 2 in fittings off the pump and it looks like I still would need to make adapters for the pool connections. That's not a problem. The ball valves are the only thing holding me back from doing it this year. I'm just going to finish off this season with my intex hoses. I have to...
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    I need some Intex hard plumbing help.

    Yes zolak I think that's the way I'm going to go. Will the PVC break when the pool moves?
  24. poolnew-b

    I need some Intex hard plumbing help.

    So will a standard 2 in male threaded PVC allow me to screw the intex sand filter hoses to PVC?
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    I need some Intex hard plumbing help.

    Ok what I would like to do is have my original hoses run to a piece of pvc that would be attached to the leaf basket on my intex sand filter. Im not sure what to get for pipe and fittings. I have a couple of old intex hoses I can use the ends off of if I need too. I bought a 2 inch cover but...
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    Do Intex pools collapse

    My very first metal frame was given to me by a friend of a friend. It was still set up and I had to take it down and transport it. It had been up for 2 years and the way he had set it up was by dumping a pile of sand and leveling it out with a rake and then he put the pool up. It was a foot...
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    Vacuum & Skimmer Advise

    I will post a pic later unless someone else beats me to it. Time for me to go enjoy the pool with the kids. It's hot as **** here.
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    Couple Intex Questions

    My old Blue intex had no rope and it didnt seem to make much of a difference. Personally I like having the rope, I just see it s a bit more support. That being said, I wouldn't rush out and buy rope if it didn't come with it. If you see the legs are starting to kick out just pickup some rope at...
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    I'm ready to circumcize my Intex!

    No I was in a hurry to get the pool up and assumed the loop tings went the way I put them. Funny part is the part in the instructions that tells you how they go is in the filter pump booklet and I didnt need the filter as I was using my old 1600 gph intex sand filter. I looked through the...