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  1. Wichita Chief

    Whats the best above ground deck mounted pool ladder

    We have the Confer 6000 coming from a deck like structure to the pool. Works well for everyone. Easy to unscrew from deck for removal.
  2. Wichita Chief

    Preparing ground for installing above ground pool

    Everyone says to level to undisturbed earth. To back fill an area from removing a small tree (3' small or 10' small?) to undisturbed quality is really difficult. But you are not building a building. I would pack it as you go. Put some dirt back in the hole (not filling hole yet) and pack it with...
  3. Wichita Chief

    Help needed in grand prairie.

    I bought mine from and it was the correct bead and fit great. I believe the manufacturer is Swimline even though it doesn't say on the listing.
  4. Wichita Chief

    Just bought a used Esther Williams 15x30 Carousel

    Yes I can.I am using a Swimline liner bought from Too bad you don't need a liner for a 52" wall as that is what I initially ordered and have sitting in a box in my garage. The Swimline liner has been fine.
  5. Wichita Chief

    Who Got A March Snowfall?

    Snow here in KS Friday. Just an inch or less. Hard freeze too. I had almost got the pool up and running. I guess I'll wait another week or two.
  6. Wichita Chief

    New in box 15 x 30 52" Esther Williams liner

    Just bumping this. Yes I'm still tripping over this in my garage. Anyone?
  7. Wichita Chief

    Fixing 18x33 Esther Williams with leaning wall

    I have pretty close to the same pool. I tore it down from a seller and put it up myself. My thread Just bought a used Esther Williams 15x30 Carousel should answer your questions. On page 3 post #54 the bottom rail starts getting assembled. On page 4 post #61 shows the side posts and buttresses...
  8. Wichita Chief

    2018 Bleach Prices

    We have some plain Walmart bleach for the laundry (not sure which specific version it is) which is 6% stuff. Right below the ingredients which say it's 6% is a note which says 5.7% available chlorine. I've never seen a note like that. This could mess with a person calculations possibly?
  9. Wichita Chief

    2018 Bleach Prices

    Atwoods Ranch and Home is located in lower KS, OK, upper TX, & AR. They are still showing the same $2.99 price I have paid the last few years for 11%. They have a sale often. Then it's $2.50 a gallon IIRC. The date codes all usually indicate fairly recent stuff. Menards is advertising 12.5%...
  10. Wichita Chief

    Dolphin E10 Review

    I did finally get my ultra fine filter last year and could run the bot with it. I just really feeling underwhelmed after using it for a few months last year. Either I get some ultra fine silt blowing in that is too small to pick up or this little guy isn't the ticket. I seems to miss multiple...
  11. Wichita Chief

    Just bought a used Esther Williams 15x30 Carousel

    Hello all! Just doing a little image replacement and an update. Since Photobucket stopped free hosting I, like others, find the images on here not visible when reading the thread. With a thank you shout out to Kimkats for guiding me on how to replace the images with TFP site stored pictures...
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  16. Wichita Chief

    Dolphin E10 Review

    I tried them for a month. They are having the same availability problem. They eventually offered me a refund or to wait further
  17. Wichita Chief

    Dolphin E10 Review

    One thing I learned last year is to temper my expectations or timelines. But it sure is frustrating to have such lengthy delays and limited places to order on what should be a routine purchase. The supplied basket is good for stirring up and relocating my detritus but if I want to get it out of...
  18. Wichita Chief

    Dolphin E10 Review

    Man, talk about being frustrated. I bought a cleaner which won't clean anything unless it a bug or a leaf unless you have the ultra fine filter basket. Which you order by itself. Which can not be bought. I ordered it "in stock" on June 22nd. Then on June 27th it is being shipped from the...
  19. Wichita Chief

    Extruded polyethylene foam board

    + 1 for the pink foam. I believe I used 3/4". Absolutely love the feel of the bottom. No other pad was used by me.
  20. Wichita Chief

    Dolphin E10 Review

    Well shoot! Per Marina Pool and Spa when checking on the ultra fine filter today: "** Out of stock until mid July - orders placed now won't ship until then **" So much for "the week of June 25th". These things are harder to come by than an honest politician! I guess I'll have to spend the $84.99...
  21. Wichita Chief

    Be Kind and Give some advice

    I agree with dorgan. Sand doesn't pack. Search this forum for other options. I used screenings from a quarry. There may be other better options than sand in your area.
  22. Wichita Chief

    Dolphin E10 Review

    Yep Patrick, that is the filter. That vendor is about the ONLY place I have found to list and offer it. The price is good but it won't be available till next week. I'll contact them then to see if it became available. This is what that upgraded filter 9991460-ASSY fits per the listing: Echo...
  23. Wichita Chief

    Dolphin E10 Review

    My bot arrived yesterday. Tonight we needed to mow over where the pool is and another property we have. I stopped by the pool 1st and dropped the little guy in and set it about it's task as we left to mow and came back about an hour later. It was still working away. I mowed there and when I was...
  24. Wichita Chief

    Dolphin E10 Review

    Sweet! Thanks! I'll check.
  25. Wichita Chief

    Dolphin E10 Review

    Well count me in! I jumped on the Doheny's $399 sale. Found they have a promo code "7SAVE" (thru 6/19) which knocked $10 off which about completely covered the "handling" charge. So it ran $400.98! Not a bad way to get my feet wet, yuk yuk, in the robot world. I read all 560 posts of the...
  26. Wichita Chief

    Just bought a used Esther Williams 15x30 Carousel

    SonjaH, sorry for the delay. It's been a crazy week. The wall panels should go to the outside. The curved sections are basically 90 deg angles with one plane sticking up and the other flat side facing out. (the angles won't go any other way the way they're formed) the wall panels sit on top of...
  27. Wichita Chief

    Just bought a used Esther Williams 15x30 Carousel

    Kim, the instructions I have are for the pool only. The deck is an additional item a person would buy and I have no instructs for it. Although you really don't need any as it's pretty straightforward. My biggest problem is the pool is not at my house so I can't pop out and spend a few minutes in...
  28. Wichita Chief

    Just bought a used Esther Williams 15x30 Carousel

    Hello again! No, I didn't drop off the face of the earth. Still busy as usual. I thought I'd post a quick update on my spring progress. Of course this year has been rain constantly again. After last year I was hoping for a break but to no avail. So my progress has been slow again. I have always...
  29. Wichita Chief

    New in box 15 x 30 52" Esther Williams liner

    Rather than start a new listing I'll just bump this for the new pool season. I'm getting tired of dodging this in the garage! Could this be used in a overlap type pool? I dunno if there is enough material to do it but I'd like to think it would.
  30. Wichita Chief

    2017 Bleach Prices

    Atwoods has 10% for $1.88 a gallon. Till end of April. Mine was less than 30 days old.