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    Can too much CYA cause physical damage to a pool?

    I was reading something today that mentioned too much CYA could cause etching? I painted my pool because it had been painted previously but was in need of repairs and I couldn't have it refinished currently. So it was new paint or have a spotty pool with already chalky paint. That was...
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    PHOSPHATES-What is the biggest imbalance that causes phosphates to allow algea growth

    My pool is driving me insane. Every month I have algea start to grow in my pool even though the water tests always show up as perfectly fine. "Perfect PH, perfect alkalinity, plenty of available chlorine, tsd not too high" But without fail every 3-4 weeks i start having green dust like algea...
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    Stopping pump right at sunset for better chlorine performance?

    I have an in line chlorine distributor and was curious if I would be best having the pump come on later in the day and shut off as soon as the sun goes down since the sun is chlorine's enemy. Will that help with the performance of the chlorine maybe give me a little more bang for my buck? watcha...
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    Maintaining Level in a separated kiddie pool

    Hello, Ive been fixing up my pool for awhile and recently filled it for the first time. As you can see in the picture it has a separated kiddie pool. The problem im running into is if the pump is running it will either want to overflow or all the water will be sucked out. The drain is plumbed...
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    Using a well to fill a pool.

    Hello all, let me just start off by saying how wonderful of a resource this site is and how much I appreciate the folks who are willing to take the time out of their day just to lend a helping hand to a stranger. Im just about to wrap up a rehab of a pool and this site has been my bible! Im...
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    Dual Speed Pump. I need some advice.

    I have a dual speed pump for my 30,000 gallon pool that I am meaning to hookup. It switches from .25hp to 1.5hp. Can anyone tell me if its better to try and run it 8 hours with 1.5 or run it longer at .25? at .25 im assuming it would need to be on a good portion of the day. Really what im...
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    Best filter type for rusty water?

    Who here has rusty well water? I currently have a cartridge filter but have not gotten my pool up and running. I know rust will be a problem and I will have to clean and replace the cartridges a lot probably. Would I be better off eventually getting a sand filter? I know they are supposed to...
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    Creating a sand/beach area next to pool? Anyone have experience?

    Im currently refurbishing a pool and have started a bit on the fencing. My original plan was to just fence in the pool deck. But the the more I got to thinking the more I didn't like the idea. I live on 8 acres and have plenty of room to work with. If I just fence in the deck it will be a pretty...
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    Variable speed pumps? Are they as good as they claim?

    Does anyone have one themselves. Are the savings between variable speed and single speed really that great? And would you say the high upfront cost offsets itself with the savings?
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    Rust in Water

    Hello everyone, I plan on filling my pool in the next couple of weeks for the first time. It is 30,000 gallons. I am on a well and I know rust is a major problem. I have a whole home filter but rust still makes it through. I know after I shock it with chlorine that it is more than likely to turn...
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    I really really need some advise on pool paint!!!

    Hello, I was hoping that someone could give me some advice. I have been renovating a pool that was filled in with dirt at one point. It is all excavated and I have been working on it non stop. It was very stained from being filled with dirt for so long so I decided to paint it. I am new to...