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    Dolphin robotic cleaner help

    Been researching dolphin robotic cleaners and seeing remotes and Bluetooth don’t seem to be reliable but do they clean pretty well? Is it true the e10 needs the finer mesh filter? I want the swivel cord on the model I purchase. Not sure I need a cleaner bigger or offering more than e10 but it...
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    Need robotic cleaner for 27' above ground pool

    I'm one year in with my above ground pool and love it. I'm shopping for the right robotic above ground pool that doesn't use my pump for power. I keep seeing good reviews for the Dolphin 300. Does anyone have a robotic clean they would recommend? Is it worth buying a refurbished robotic...
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    Have 2 gauges

    I see that most pool set ups have one gauge at the filter. Mine came with a gauge at the control valve and one at the filter. Both gauges read the same until one month ago when the gauge at the control valve read 40 after backwashing. I believe my 1.5 hp pump may be too big but it didn't show...
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    Conquering CYA

    I have constant high CYA even after draining 1/2 of pool in early March and another 12 inches of water replacement. CYA ranges from 100 to 70. Got PH down from 8.0+ to 7.0 with MAcid Slammed due to some algae. FC is 14 day after slamming. TA is 70. Working on balance. Even when pool is...
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    After Slamming

    Getting AGP ready after winter in Texas. Don't cover it but run pump 1/2 day until temp gets warmer. Slammed pool yesterday due to seeing some algae. Also replaced 1/3 of water due to high CYA. Added Muriatic Acid to lower PH from 8.0+. Today's readings: PH is 7.0 TA is 70 FC is 14 Just...
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    Gauges reading differently

    I have 27000 above ground pool with 1.5 hp hayward filter and sand filter. Gauges at control value started reading very high but gauge at filter is good. Not sure what to do.