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    Help needed - Chamber next to skimmer

    I'm not sure what this chamber is but I thought the water level was supposed to always stay low. We got a TON of rain last night and when I looked in this chamber/hole today it was the highest I've ever seen the water. Should I be worried? Should I try to get a pump down there to get it low...
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    Pool deck covering options

    I was going through my annual opening this past week and pressure washed my pool decking and noticed the white just wasn't looking clean this year. It appears upon closer inspection that it's pealing away or something similar. What options do I have to fix or replace this? Also, any idea...
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    High Ammonia and cloudy pool open.

    Hi All, This is my first time posting. I have got my pool 2 years ago when I bought a house that already had one. The first year I had a company open, I opened last year, and this year I'm seeing some issues (minor I hope) opening. I bought the test kit to get me moving along and try to move...