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    So I think we need to slam our pool?

    Chlorine has not been lasting at all! I read the "Slamming your pool" article, but still have a few questions. Here are our test results today. CYA 30 FC 0.8 CC 1.2 PH 8.0 TA 70 CH 250 My question is, when adding the chlorine suggested by the PoolMath app, how often is it suggested that we...
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    One month old pool- switching from tablets to liquid chlorine. HELP!

    I just read this t=forum for hours and realize what our PB told is to do is basically all wrong. I am ready to switch to liquid chlorine. Just checked the levels and CL is at 0.3 and PH is at 7.5. How much chlorine should I add? Our pool is somewhere between 20,000 and 21,000 gallons. Thank you...
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    Plaster pictures and suggestions please. New build in Houston.

    We are in the process of building a pool. Basically ready to start plaster, we had decided to do Quartzscape in Tahoe Blue (trying to stay away from pebble because of roughness) and just now our pool builder suggested going lighter because of the chance of discoloration. Wondering if the experts...