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    Solar Heater

    Hello we have a tube solar heater that came with a used pool we purchased. My question is, on all the pics i see online, the heaters are always upright/or at least diagonal (i.e. the slope of a roof) is this necessary or is lying them flat on a table OK?
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    Cloudy water/high cya

    My test kit is missing a couple elements from last year so I dont have every reading;/ but I have cloudy water. Its turquoise not green but I cannot come close to seeing the bottom. Mu question Is, I assumed the cya was 0 since it sat all winter. I used the formula and added the correct amount...
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    I'm still here :/

    I started SLAM last week not realizing how many leaves were on bottom of pool (too cloudy too see very far down) :/ I had cya at 30 before the process. The last two days I've spent time using the leaf rake and doing bypass to waste and vacuuming it out. Im sure I don't have it all but I made a...
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    Which chlorine test is correct?? Powder from kit not working?

    Hello working on opening the pool here in Ohio. My problem is, when i do the dropper test in the cylinder with the pH on the other side, it shows my chlorine more yellow than the "10" on the tester, but when I do the chlorine dropper test in the cylinder marked "chlorine only" and use the...
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    Algae? Or rust? Or just high cya?

    My FC is 4 my Cc is 0. My cya is around 40 perhaps a little higher ?? I waited a week to test and it was still low so added more and think it's a little high. But my water looks completely clear but when you walk or vacuum there is a little cloud of something that films the bottom. When I...
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    It's a new year!

    We have had all bad luck with our pool or so it seems :) Last year we had to put a new liner in because the new one we had put in the year before was given to us in the inco ourrect size. we paid to truck in water and enjoyed it all year with little problems and closed it down. This spring we...
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    Why the cloudiness ? Calcium ??

    Readings are as follows FC 5 Cc 0 PH 7.5 Cya between 40 and 50 on the tube Ta 120 CH 180 Pool looks good other than a slight haze/ cloudiness. Not extreme but not as clear as t can be. Do you think it is the calcium? But according to the TF 100 high calcium is what cause cloudiness I believe ...
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    The liner is here! Now what?!

    As a continuing Saga, I had issues with our liner we installed last year in our above ground 21x42 pool. So we decided to buy a new liner. After much aggravation with National Pool Wholesalers (to read the whole complaint, feel free to look it up on the BBB site, too long to type here), and...
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    Installing new liner!?

    Ok, Last year I posted here, we relocated a pool to our house. We have all the original buying info as we knew the original owner. The size is a 21x42x52" above ground. My hubby is a contractor and installed the decking, walls, sand etc (including using a laser for leveling). All of that...
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    I'm sure this has been asked a 100 times but... still confused :(

    Brand new pool owner here, just getting water filled up to skimmer level. Filter and pump should be up and running soon, (as soon as water is up to correct level). Sig has the pool info. I dont have the test kit that you all use yet, right now just have the 6-way test kit (not strips). What...
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    pool liner installation-normal or big problem?

    an anyone give me advice? We are putting in a new liner, It is a j hook liner. Any way we finagled it, it put wrinkles at the wall but mostly wrinkle free on bottom. My main concern is one of the long sides (21x42 above ground pool) has excess liner at bottom, but the opposite side seems very...