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  1. awstevens

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Yep, I started the SLAM this morning. The water has been clear since I opened the pool in May and I've maintained an FC at or above the target for my CYA. Any thoughts on how I got algae to begin with given the high level of FC?
  2. awstevens

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I do brush around the stairs and swimout trim as part of my normal routine because I've observed algae there in the past but I'm only doing it once a week right now so maybe I need to bump that up. Usually I would do it more often but the weather has been so lousy we just haven't been using the...
  3. awstevens

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I'm even more confused now. 10FC at 5am which is the same as last night so I passed the OCLT but there is definitely algae on the stairs and a green/yellow cloud kicks up when I brush the bottom of the pool. It's rained the past two days so I think I can rule out pollen as the cause. I attached...
  4. awstevens

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I vacuum once on the weekend and brush once during the week. The only other thing I can think of is the algae spots in the skimmer were there when I opened. Maybe the SWG is keeping a full algae bloom at bay but I should have done a SLAM when I opened the pool? I'll update in the morning after...
  5. awstevens

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    My levels are good and water is clear but I keep seeing small algae spots on my thermoplastic stairs and the corners of the skimmer opening. I'm also seeing dust on the bottom when I vacuum/brush but I assumed it was pollen because we've had a ton of it and the pollen gets dumped into the pool...
  6. awstevens

    Official 2019 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    First pool day of the year. Thanks to TFP the only green in my pool was my beer. 🍻
  7. awstevens

    Broken Vacuum Hose

    My vacuum hose snapped right in the middle. I found a threaded coupling online for $9. Is it worth trying to repair or should I just buy a new one? Most of the hoses I see on Amazon get very poor reviews. Are there any that people have been happy with or are they all the same?
  8. awstevens

    solar cover, how to increase ease of taking on / off

    I just had this reel delivered. I'm putting it together this week and will report back after I do. This is my first experience with a reel after covering/uncovering by hand last year. I may end up regretting it but I couldn't justify the higher cost for a rockys.
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    Need Margarita Machine Drink Recipes ASAP!

    This is the best Margarita I've ever had. My goal this summer is to perfect the ratio but based on other recipes in this thread I'm guessing it's 2oz tequila, 1oz lime juice, 1/2oz agave nectar
  11. awstevens

    Craft beers!

    As New Englander, I'm partial to the NE IPAs. Swish from Bissell Brothers is probably my favorite.
  12. awstevens

    Stabilizer / CYA Sock Method Seems Way Too Slow - Other Options?

    Just sit there and squeeze the sock. It will take 10-15 minutes tops, not and hour or two.
  13. awstevens

    Jandy Valve Stuck Open

    Maybe a little bigger than a marble. We had some construction debris from the pool build in the skimmers so it must have snuck in when I had the basket out.
  14. awstevens

    Jandy Valve Stuck Open

    Problem solved. There was a rock stuck in the valve. Thanks for your help guys!
  15. awstevens

    Jandy Valve Stuck Open

    Thanks. Is there any trick to opening it up or just shut the pump off and unscrew those screws? Thanks for the tip on the lid. It's on the correct way now. This pic was taken awhile ago.
  16. awstevens

    Jandy Valve Stuck Open

    The valve I use to close one of the skimmers when vacuuming the pool seems to be stuck in the open position. The twist lock on top is loose but I can't get the handle to budge at all. The other skimmer and main drain valves are working normally. It worked fine when I vacuumed the pool last week...
  17. awstevens

    New Pool - First Test

    I passed the OCLT Saturday night and ended the SLAM. We used the pool quite a bit on Sunday and yesterday. FC was 26 sunday morning and dropped to 15 by last night. I assume a big drop is normal after ending the SLAM since the CYA doesn't protect SLAM levels of FC?
  18. awstevens

    New Pool - First Test

    Thanks, I scrubbed the trim with a handheld brush and a few pieces of green gunk came out. Not a huge amount but I'm guessing it was enough to prevent me from passing my OCLT last night. The water is crystal clear and I'm still maintaining SLAM level so I'll hopefully have this wrapped up by...
  19. awstevens

    New Pool - First Test

    Thanks. My SWG does have a "super chlorinate" option but I think it just runs at 100% for X amount of hours. I think I'll start keeping some liquid chlorine on hand to boost it. My wife is off for the summer so our house is going to be a hot spot for kids this summer. I think I found the source...
  20. awstevens

    New Pool - First Test

    I ran into my first hiccup with the new pool this week and have a few questions. We've been regularly using the solar cover and the FC had been consistently going up so I lowered my SWG percentage last weekend. Unfortunately I went a few too many days without testing and my daughter had friends...
  21. awstevens

    New Build - Eastern MA

    Just updating this thread with some "finished" product pictures now that we have furniture. View of the whole pool yard from our deck: View of the pool from our gazebo: The sod came in really nicely. Still can't believe how much a difference it makes vs the mudpit we had in my earlier pics...
  22. awstevens

    Should pump be entirely filled with water up to lid?

    I have the same pump and that does not look normal to me at that speed. My basket only has air when running on lower speeds (like 1200 RPM). I had the same issue when I first turned on my pool and it turned out the front union was loose and sucking air into the system.
  23. awstevens

    Pool liner (Garrett Liners)

    We get full sun from about 10am-6pm. I took these at 7pm this evening:
  24. awstevens

    Pool lounge chairs, cheapest place to buy them

    We bought something similar from WalMart (they carry them elsewhere but WalMart had the best price: Keter Pacific Chaise Sun Lounger and Side Table Set, Charcoal - They're comfortable but can't speak to their durability since we've only had them a couple weeks.
  25. awstevens

    Pool liner (Garrett Liners)

    You're welcome, good luck with your build!
  26. awstevens

    Pool liner (Garrett Liners)

    I actually just posted a picture of ours in the vinyl liner thread. We have Clearwater (with mesa tile border). Vinyl Liner Pattern Roundup Project - Post Pic Name Of Your Liner - Page 19 Here's a few pics:
  27. awstevens

    Vinyl Liner Pattern Roundup Project - Post Pic & Name Of Your Liner

    Here's ours: Garrett Mesa Tile/Clearwater
  28. awstevens

    CYA in startup pool. Sock? Or...

    I found it quickest and easiest to do it all in one sitting a few hours after adding it. 28oz shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes of massaging.
  29. awstevens

    Yes another pool cover question

    Does your pool not get any sun? I am in MA as well and my pool was up to 65 a few weeks ago before I turned the heater on. My in laws don't have a heater and their pool routinely gets into the 80's during the middle of summer. I don't think a solar cover is going to help much unless you add a...
  30. awstevens

    Can we talk solar blanket?

    I use an 8mil cover that I cut into 3 pieces on my 18x36 pool. It's very easy to take off by myself but definitely easier to put on if I have a helper.