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  1. FLPoolDIY

    Looking for my 1st robot

    I’ve been doing a lot of research but can’t find any information on how the robot will do with a beach entry pool or if they will get tangled in the three pool bar stools in my pool. My Hayward Navigator gets caught on the bar stools for a bit and will eventually find its way out. Does...
  2. FLPoolDIY

    Odd Observation Air in Pump Basket

    My pump basket typically has an air pocket during normal operations... when I drain water from the pool through the cartridge filter hose fitting the air pocket slowly disappears. Typically the air pocket will reappear within one day. What could this be? Pool equipment is listed in my...
  3. FLPoolDIY

    Alternate Contaners for MA and more...

    I'm going out of town for a few weeks and have someone who will be at the house, however they have no clue on pool care. I have a SWG so chlorine level isn't that big of an issue. I keep my ph at 7.7 and add 4oz of MA per week. What type of container can I put 4oz of MA so they don't have to...
  4. FLPoolDIY

    Fill Water CH

    When I added the R-0011L the water turned blue. Does that indicate CH is 0 or something else?
  5. FLPoolDIY

    Testament to TFP method

    I brought my CH up to 400 from 325 and I swear my pool is even more clear than before. Find a pool store pool that looks like this and if it does, I'm sure they have spent way more $ than what I've spent in the 8 months of following the TFP method.
  6. FLPoolDIY

    Lion Head Wall Spout Fell Off

    Today my daughter decided to use the lion head wall spout as a stepping stone to get up the wall and it came detached from the wall. It looks like it was installed with some type of mortar. Looking for suggestions on what to use to reinstall the lion head.
  7. FLPoolDIY

    Return line bubbles only when solar system is on

    When my solar panel are on I have a large amount of bubbles coming from my return lines. The vacuum breaker is chattering allowing air to enter the system. My filter is clean and indicating 10 psi at 2200 RPM with solar off. With solar on it's indicating 12 psi. Is there a set PSI that the...
  8. FLPoolDIY

    Filter Cartridge Replacement Interval

    The pool store (dirty word) recommend replacing the filter every year. That was recommended to me when I didn't know about the TFP method and spent $ with them. Is there a recommended interval to replace the filter? I've had mine installed for about 12 months and it looks good. I typically...
  9. FLPoolDIY

    Hayward Solar Controller

    I'm looking for suggestions on which Hayward solar controller to go with. I have the Hayward ecostar pump so, I decided that going with the Hayward solar controller would be the best option to keep the equipment the same.
  10. FLPoolDIY

    Pool Builder Recommends Tampa, FL

    A friend of mine is looking for pool builder recommendations in the Tampa, FL area. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm trying to get them turned on to the TFP process...
  11. FLPoolDIY

    Large CH Drop

    My CH has been constant at 300 until this week. I tested my water today and had a drop of 156 ppm. Background info: I test everything once a week, FC and ph daily. We had about 2 inches of rain and the water temp is 59 F. What could cause the large drop in CH? Today's test results: FC - 9.5 CC...
  12. FLPoolDIY

    Pump Basket

    I have two issues to discuss. The water level in the pump basket drops to the top of the strainer basket when I connect my floor suction cleaner and run the pump at 2200 RPM or any RPM. 2200 works the best for me. Second issue: Recently I have also been experiencing loss of pressure overnight...
  13. FLPoolDIY

    TF-100 chlorine graduated cylinder cracked

    Has anyone experienced cracking on the bottom of the chlorine graduated mix cylinder? I've had my kit for about 1 month and noticed a crack starting from the center on the bottom. I rinse my cylinder after every use and dry. Anyone know where I can get glass cylinders that will fit on the...
  14. FLPoolDIY

    Fill water ch test

    When attempting to test my fill water with the TF-100 CH test the water changed to blue when adding the 3 drops of R-0011L. What does that tell me about my fill water?
  15. FLPoolDIY

    Pool Return

    I have 4 returns with very low flow. Seen in the picture below on the pool deck each return has an adjustable valve of sort. If I untwist the top there is a tube that runs to the return line which I believe should be creating a vacuum and producing bubbles. Typically these are used on hot tubs...
  16. FLPoolDIY

    Direct wire IC-40 to Hayward VSP

    Is there a way to wire my SWG directly to my pump? The Hayward ecostar has its own clock (which most you you probably know) so I don't have it connected to the analog timer. Currently my SWG is always powered on and only dependent on the flow switch.
  17. FLPoolDIY

    Reducing TA

    How much MA do I need to add to reduce my TA from 110 to 80? 15,000 gal, SWG pool. I have water spouts and a waterfall to bring my ph back up. Today's readings: Ph - 7.6 FC - 8.5 CH - 335 TA - 110 CYA - 80
  18. FLPoolDIY

    Light gray stains

    I have light gray stains on one side of my pool and one spot on the floor of the pool the stains were there when we bought the house 9 mouths ago and have not change in size or appearance. The previous owner had someone taking care of the pool and on our final walkthrough he said the pool was...
  19. FLPoolDIY

    Floor drain

    This past summer I realized that my floor drain is not connected to the pump system. Based on the PVC pipe on the outside of my screened in enclosure the drain is only used to drain the pool. There are no valves that control the drain on my pad either. Is this some type of build code in FL? I...
  20. FLPoolDIY

    Air bubbles from return VSP

    When I set my VSP to 1800 rpm or below I get a lot of air bubbles coming out of my return. I have one skimmer, 8 returns. 4 of the 8 returns were setup as bubblers with the adjustment on the pool deck. I'm sure there is a more technical term for the bubblers. Basically you can adjust the...
  21. FLPoolDIY

    Ditched the ColorQ for the TF-100

    I received my TF-100 kit today (Color Q going on eBay) I waited to reply until my kit arrived. The following are my results: FC- 7.5 PH- 7.8 CH- 225 TA- 90 CYA- 90 Salt - 3500 I do have a question about the color change to red when doing the TA test. Am I looking for a red red or a change to...
  22. FLPoolDIY

    FullMoon Multi-Color LED Light

    My FullMoon Multi-Color LED light no longer charges color when operating the switch "OFF &ON". I only get the first mode "crystal white". Are there any repair options or am I looking at a new light. My wife really likes the option to change the color and at about $500 for a new light, I would...
  23. FLPoolDIY

    New member

    I have been viewing the forum for months as a guest and truly saw the benefit of joining. I recently move to a home with a 15,000 gal Salt water pool with the Intellichlor 20 and the ecostar VSP. I have never had a pool or really done much research on care of a pool until now. Using the local...