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    It may be possible to greatly reduce iron in pool water

    It seems it may be possible to greatly reduce iron in pool water. I look forward to Chemgeek's opinions. This is of course is extremely: Experimental : relating to a scientific experiment or to scientific experiments in general : made or done in order to see how well something works ...
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    What phosphate ppb will precipitate calcium phosphate?

    I realize that this might be dependent on the inter-relationship of pH, calcium hardness level, and possibly the alkalinity ppm. Is there a chart that might explain these inter-relationships and where the cutoff point for orthophosphates might occur, in other words the upper limit before...
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    Higher Level of Cl, HOCL and OCL- , Stain/Iron, pH 7.3

    If one has iron issues, wind born dirt and iron, and pollen, but maintains a pH of 7.3, and sufficient sequestrant ppms, would it be better to maintain chlorine on the high side if the CyA, in a non-saltwater pool, is 50 ppm? Or even in a saltwater pool at a a CyA of 80 ppm. The reason for...
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    Citric Acid's effect on pH & Chlorine Neutralization

    Going to help a friend remove slightly heavier than normal iron staining from a 20,000 gallon pool. We will be using 5 lb of Citric Acid. The question is by how much will the pH go down if we start at 7.3, per 1 lb of Citric Acid added to 10,000 gallons, and how many ppm of chlorine, will 1 lb...
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    Good article on pool test kits and electronic testers

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    Molars to PPM Salt (NaCl) Calculation

    This question is I think something chem geek will be able to answer, or others among you who are chemistry geeks. The reason for this question is that it relates to another question regarding saltwater pools that I want to ask, but I want to make sure I am calculating correctly. So here are...
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    Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Potential using PoolEquation

    Using the "PoolEquations" Excel spreadsheet I am trying to determine what would the "Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Potential" be if the numbers looked as follows: Cl 5 pH 7.3 TA 120 CH 475 CyA 80 Salt 3200 Borates 50 Orthophosphates 2000 (ppb) Temp at present 78F (to max 84F and an average...
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    Can Low Borate Levels Help Algae to Grow.

    I think I read this somewhere. If say the level is only 8 ppm is this an issue and if so why? Thank you.
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    Toxicity of HEDP?

    I am sorry that I have to ask a further question of chem geek but I think he maybe is one of the few persons on this forum that may be able to distill an answer from this technical paper on: "Human & Environmental Risk Assessment on ingredients of European household cleaning products...
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    Phospate Removal - Odd and Cheap Discovery?

    Warning to readers: Do not do this until Chem Geek has commented. This one is definitely for Chem Geek, Chem Geek as you are aware I just tried the "Hydrogen Peroxide Method" (see other post- "Used Hydrogen Peroxide for Removing Metal Stains - Results" adding 304 ozs of the 3% solution to my...
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    Used Hydrogen Peroxide for Removing Metal Stains - Results

    Firstly I read this post in the "Deep End" on this forum: I found it interesting and decided to give it a go as ChemGeek found no real issues with it And a word of warning I would like ChemGeek to...
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    In-Pool AA Iron Treatment with Very Very High Phospates

    I am planning on doing this treatment sometime before Xmas, my only concern is the very high phospate level due to the use of Jack's Purple Stuff. I was also planning on adding 16oz of Algaecide 60, the day before as added insurance, but bring the Chlorine back to 3 ppm on that day. I will put...
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    What should I do about balance?

    Winter time has set in here in Hawaii. The pool temps have dropped to 68F, from the normal 78F -82F. As the grandchildren are so busy they have no time for the pool. It is also very expensive to keep it heated at an average price of 35 cents per kilowatt, with the heat pump. In the past I...
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    AA Treatment and High Phosphate Levels

    I have been using Jack's Magic "The Purple Stuff" for some months now, some weeks ago the Phosphate reading was over 18,000 ppm. This has not been a problem as the pool FC reads from 5.0 to 6.0 (normally closer to 5.0 ppm) with a CYA between 70 and 80. The pool looks very clean with virtually...
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    Phosphates at 18,000 ppm, Pool Looks Great, No Iron Stains

    In my attempt to control Iron staining I utilize Jack's Magic Purple Stuff which contains Phosphates. I have maintaining the pool, for some months now, after doing an in-pool AA treatment, at 20 ppm or above, and possibly up to up to 30 ppm, if I am busy that week and need a reserve (20 ppm is...
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    Testing Iron with Taylor K-1716 Kit and Sequestrant in Pool

    Assuming the folllowing parameters: pH 7.3 Jack's Magic Purple Stuff maintained at 20 ppm (using sequestrant test kit twice per week) Jack's Magic Magenta Stuff added at a rate of 5 oz once per week If I tested for iron with the Taylor K-1716 Kit Iron Test Kit, which uses reagents R-0851 and...
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    Testing CyA with the new Taylor 9056 Series Comparator

    I recently purchased the new Taylor 9056 Series Comparator you can view it here at this url: The reason it was purchased was that my old one is now 16 + years old and I thought, even though stored in a dark area, that the color filters might...
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    Can iron stains be avoided if pH is 7.7

    I am looking after my neighbours SWG 20,000 gal plaster pool. As he is recovering from a major operation, it might take a year. He wants to spend as little as possible on pool maintenance as funds are presently tight. I did explain that although the pH settles at 7.7 it would be better to add...
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    Best Chemical Balance For A Salt Water Pool with Iron Issues

    I just did an inpool (no drain) AA treatment over the weekend as we are having guests and am asking for advice. What would be best assuming the following: The pool has iron issues due to airborne volcanic dust and red clay born particles. The pool is maintained with Jack's Magic Purple Stuff...
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    A Possible Cause Of Iron Staining - Red Clay Roof Tiles

    On a mountain above Honolulu at a height of around 1000 ft. up, on a 2,300 ft. mountain (approximately), where my neighbor (north east and above us being about 20 ft higher) and I both live we have an issue with iron staining from volcanic dust blown in by trade winds averaging 16 mph to 24 mph...
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    PoolPilot Cell Amps

    In the manual for the PoolPilot with the cell power set at Level 3 it states it pulls 8 DC amps "(set at 100% - 24 hour operation)". I am aware that AC amps and DC amps use the same amount of power. Is this per hour or over a 24 hour period, as the Digital unit at 230 Vac pulls 1.5 amps, I...
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    Checking Sequestrant ppm in areas of high wind blown iron

    Where we live in Honolulu up a mountain at about 1000 ft, the mountains behind us reach about 2,500 ft high, the winds normally blow at 16 to 24 mph. On some rare days the winds blow up to 60 mph, average though on those high wind days is 45 to 55 mph. I believe but do not know for sure that...
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    PoolPilot Digital CyA levels

    PoolPilot states that if you want to use the digital section to control pH the CyA has to be kept at between 30 and 50 ppm. If you want to keep the CyA in the 70 to 80 range it cannot be used. Assuming a target Chlorine level of 8 (yellow algae/mustard gas issues in our area), the Power Level...
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    How much liquid chlorine to lower 1 lb of AA

    How much Walmart 6% liquid chlorine in fluid ounces does it take to neutralize 1 lb of AA in a 10,000 gallon pool after AA treatment? Apologies I know the answer is here somewhere in the forum but I cannot find it. Thank you.
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    Rebar Rusting

    Just recently I have taken over looking after my 78 years old neighbour's plaster 20,000 gallon pool. It is 25+ years old and quite severly delaminated. He has to recover from major heart surgery, this may take a year or so. There was considerable black algae growing in the pool which over...
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    Black Algae On Steps Need Help.

    In a previous post I was asking about black algae removal for my neighbours pool, my neighbour is nearly 80 and just had serious heart surgery which will take at least a year to recover from, therefore I am maintaining their pool. Blakej gave the excellent advice to shock over a number of days...
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    Black Algae and a drained pool.

    We may at some point in the future drain my neighbours pool. There are many plaster delaminated spots where black algae is growing. They cannot at the present time afford a replaster job. I am aware of the in-pool treatment with pucks but there are a lot of areas and I do not think it reaches...
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    Rising Alkalinity

    This seems odd to me, maybe not to those of you in the know, so any replies would be appreciated. I am maintaing both my neighbour who is recovering from major surgery and my pools. The balance we had two days ago was as follows: FC - 7.5 to 8.0 (mustard gas issues in Hawaii) pH - 7.7 TA -...
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    Can this pool cleaner be used.

    Our next door neighbour has a 20,000 galllon plaster pool using a first generation Polaris Vac Sweep run off its own pump. Electricity rates here in Hawaii are 32 cents to 35 cents dependant on fuel adjustments. The pool itself is kidney shaped and about 45 ft long but I have not measured it...
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    What causes calcium scaling in an old pool.

    What causes calcium scaling in an old pool which is properly balanced? Or should that not happen? Just wondering.