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  1. Pool Clown

    Raypak RP2100 shuts off

    I assume that when the temp began to rise, you were heating a large body of water (pool) and not just the spa? If Heating the spa, you will see a one to two degree per min rise. Here is the Temp sensor Here is the Main Board You now have the part numbers. You don't need to buy from these...
  2. Pool Clown

    Raypak RP2100 shuts off

    Yes, you are right about the set temp display and the inlet temp display both always displaying. Check all your ground connections. Especially the pilot, and the pilot bracket. There needs to be good connection between the bracket and the cabinet/frame. Some units had a ground wire connected...
  3. Pool Clown

    Heat Exchanger scale removal and probably more

    He either got the needles through a filter cleaning where the elements were lifted out of the tank and the some of the debris went into the "clean water" port. Or the filter itself developed a hole and by-passed the debris. My guess is the latter. If you have a Raypak, watch the second video...
  4. Pool Clown

    Better Aboveground Widemouth Skimmer?

    I'm in-ground gunite and plaster, so im no help...
  5. Pool Clown

    Spa Command - NO COMM

    Check your warranty. See how long you have. If you got it on line, it may be only 30-90 days and not the normal 1 year through brick and mortar. Electronics, i should say Pentair electronics usually dont resolve them selves. Keep an eagle eye on it and make a decision of weather or not to...
  6. Pool Clown

    Sta Rite SR200NA spa heater not working

    Which service light? Service heater? or Service system? Im assuming you have pushed pool on and/or spa on buttons? Maybe touch pad or transformer has failed. Confirm you are getting 28-32 volts out of the xformer. (Yellow wires out of the secondary side of the xformer) Easiest to follow...
  7. Pool Clown

    Raypak RP2100 shuts off

    What is not working with the thermostat? The panel should have up and a down arrow buttons. Push either one once, and the display should read what your thermostat is set to. After about 10 seconds, it should revert back to the inlet water temp. One thing that does happen when the touch pad...
  8. Pool Clown

    Solar heater installed before filter: how to check and unclog

    You will more than likely not get everything out with a mere "flush". I would just reverse the direction of flow, and run them. It may take some time before they clear completely, if at all. You will be able to tell the cleared areas of the panels as they will feel cool to the touch while...
  9. Pool Clown

    Solar heater installed before filter: how to check and unclog

    The only way to clear the panels, and its no guarantee, would be to disconnect them and flop them over so that the water will flow the other way. It will be a lot of work. I would try this before buying all new panels. And as stated above, re-plumb them to be down stream of the filter first.
  10. Pool Clown

    New Liner, Need Light Niche Help

    At the risk of sounding like a wise-acre... Call someone else and tell them that YOU took the light out, and is having trouble reinstalling it. That way, they wont think they are finishing someone else's job. Of course you will have to pay for the service call, but it will get resolved. Or...
  11. Pool Clown

    Spa Command - NO COMM

    If you just replaced it, get it warrantied...
  12. Pool Clown

    Hayward H100ID not staying on

    Your not getting flame rectification. 10 years + you just replaced a RUSTED part? May be time for a new heater.
  13. Pool Clown

    No Flow on my Zodiac Aquapure Ei

    I would not try the repair in the video as it would probably just get an extension of time and eventually the error will return. Your cell being 6 years, you got your moneys worth...
  14. Pool Clown

    Heater Woes

    Rust is the biggest killer of heaters, Rats and other small animals, and their associated discharges are a close second. If you have either, and depending where it has started, you may be in the market for a replacement. Also note: Even though you dont use the heater often, you are still...
  15. Pool Clown

    Pump motor shutoff yesterday

    I would buy a new motor. If the motor is not making any loud growling noises, it may not be the bearings causing the overheating problem.
  16. Pool Clown

    Raypak RP2100 shuts off

    Your heater should have an LCD display. Check to see if the displayed water temp begins to rise faster than normal while the heater is running. Typically you should only get 1 to 2 degrees display rise per min (pool) or 1 to 2 degrees per min in spa mode. Fast displayed temp rise indicates a...
  17. Pool Clown

    Water pressure sensor wiring after replacing heater header

    The temp limits may, or may not be wired in series and are simple switches NC and open when subject to higher temps. The water sensor is a thermistor. The connection to the board for the switches may say hi temp, or limit, HL1 and HL2, hi limit, or may just say 1 and 2. The temp sensor may say...
  18. Pool Clown

    Raypak RP2100 shuts off

    Remove the temp sensor and inspect for splitting or a hole from erosion.
  19. Pool Clown

    Hello from southern New Jersey.

    Pressure- temperature relief valve or "pop off" is not supplied by Raypak. Nor does Raypak sell parts or heaters to the public. You need to procure a parts supplier. There are many on the web. The display is part of the main board unfortunately. If the heater is running and you can at least...
  20. Pool Clown

    Heater issue

    Could be the Uni-therm governor, or perhaps reduced water flow through the heater. Does this heater have an LCD screen? And does it give you any information (trouble codes)?
  21. Pool Clown

    IG pool vinyl liner replacements

    And ask the installer about his warranties (time) with regard to rips sags and wrinkles.
  22. Pool Clown

    New AGP owner

    Not a heat pumper, so im out. I would recommend ridged pipe to replace the flex in there now. Over time and chems, the flex wall can swell causing restriction. Other advice may be to just run a short flex piece between the ridged and the pool wall for a little movement (give) since the...
  23. Pool Clown

    Can you identify this pool light?

    That fixture has failed. And it looks like it had failed a while back, and someone tried to fix (noticing the "goo" where the cord enters the fixture). Water should not be getting to that bulb like it has been. Only responsible correction is to replace the fixture.
  24. Pool Clown

    New Member / Owner

    Im a little foggy. Did the pool drop while the pump was running? or when you had it turned off and the filter was apart?
  25. Pool Clown

    Laars XL pool Heater lights for only 5 seconds

    It sounds like your main board is not getting flame rectification. If the flame sensor was just replaced, with a brand new, sealed package, one. It is probably the main board. But before you buy a new board, attempt to confirm that the burner flame is in fact hitting the flame sensor. I know...
  26. Pool Clown

    Pentair Compool 3600 Questions

    Yes. Unplug the remote from the board, clear the error, then observe the unit to confirm that you no longer are getting an Error 5. This wait time will vary depending on how often or how long it would take to get another error 5 once you initially cleared the error (with the remote still...
  27. Pool Clown

    Please help me identify this old Skimmer!

    Since the diverter is part of the basket It will need to be installed a certain way. IOW, not just dropped in. It may be helpful to turn off the pump while you find out exactly how it goes in.
  28. Pool Clown

    CHD Pool light replacement

    CHD is an old Purex light, and now owned by Pentair. Depending on the condition of the fixture, you can still get parts, or replace the whole thing here. As always, do your homework and shop around. I provided a link to get you started, this is not the only place to get the parts.
  29. Pool Clown

    Open terminal bulb replacement

    Perhaps. You could take a picture of the whole thing (fixture+bulb) and do a Google picture or "image search" and see if anything comes up as far as a "proper application" for it.
  30. Pool Clown

    Underwater epoxy

    As stated above, you probably had some movement, and it opened up again. I use A+B epoxy putty. It will work above or below the water line (just no cold temps while trying to cure). This is something you may need to deal with forever, unless you do a major repair and even then, it may happen...