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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    You could try a service like Instacart. They will deliver groceries and other items from grocery stores and Costco type places. There is a fee. They also are not obligated to charge the same price as the store. I checked on the 3 gallons of bleach from Costco and it was $2 more expensive...
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    Any recommendations on cleaning out this surface drain?

    For a few bucks at Home Depot you could rig up some fittings to your hose that would let you jam a long length of 3/8" poly tubing thru the drain and blast out the debris. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    RINSING graduated cylinder before test makes a difference

    My straight tap water has significant CC in it. I believe it's one way the municipality chlorinates the water. If I dump a completed test with zero CC into the sink with running water, it turns pink immediately.
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    Thanksgiving Vacation

    For FC consideration only, I'd probably go up to shock and walk away. Whether or not I'd float a puck or two would depend on the stability of my pH. If pH rising fast beyond where I want it, I'd add some pucks to keep that in check.
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    PH Drifing Up with low TA?

    It's OK to go below TA of 70 if you keep an eye on the CSI. My pool's pH rise slows way down when I keep the TA in the 50-60 range. There are lots of examples of this throughout the forum.
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    Warm Climate People - need advice

    It is indeed much less trouble during the winter here in AZ. But don't get lulled into complacency like I did last year. In late winter/early spring last year I found myself with an algae bloom sure to the longer and warmer days consuming my chlorine faster than deep winter. Sent from my...
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    How do I determine 'normal' for TA/pH balance

    My fill water has a TA over 200 - so there is always upward pressure on my TA and pH. My pH rise slows way down when I keep the TA in the 50-60 range. It won't really go over 7.8 or 7.9 unless the TA goes over 60. And it's a slow rise (4-5 days) from 7.5 to 7.8. If I were you, I'd keep...
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    Is Smell an Indicator of Potency of Bleach?

    Sniffing should be reserved for flowers and glue.
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    Timeframe for lowering TA and letting pH rebound?

    It takes way longer if you wait for it to go all the way back up to 7.8. The pH rise from 7.2 (or 7.0) to 7.5 is much faster than the rise from 7.5 to 7.8. You can save your time by re-dosing the acid when it gets to 7.4/7.5.
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    Testing water for autofill

    Yeah - you're probably right. Like I said - I worry about some things less than I probably should and possibly at my own peril. Would you water a vegetable garden with purple pipe water?
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    Testing water for autofill

    Non-potable doesn't necessarily mean it's dangerous. Lots of people use lake or trucked in water to fill their pools and those sources would likely be considered non-potable. I'd have no problem using it provided it was tested and acceptable for stuff I couldn't easily remove like metals &...
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    Recent Drain/Refill and NO FC detected

    There could also be something organic in the water consuming the FC. Although with no CYA, 6ppm FC would be like a nuclear holocaust. When my CYA unexpectedly dropped to under 20, I was losing 5-6 PPM FC during the day. Granted that was in the brutal sun of June or July. I would go to...
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    Need Taylor's R-0871 reagent refill fast! ships fast. Order today and I bet you have it mid week up the east coast.
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    SLAM theory question

    To be fair, the OP did present it as a theory question. Could be an interesting topic to discuss even if there's no practical application. Maybe it should be over in the chem 201 section.
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    SLAM theory question

    How is the efficacy of chlorine changed with temperature? I believe chlorine is more effective at higher temperatures. Might be a wash.
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    Ideal Levels & pH Always High

    I was messing around with my TA earlier this season and got it down to 40ish. At that level I had a hard time getting the pH up beyond 7.5 with all my aeration going 24/7. My fill water is high TA so I had no problem getting it back up. With TA between 50 and 60 my pH slowly rises from 7.5 to...
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    UV and chlorine

    Yes - far less FC use in the winter even here in AZ. In fact I got so complacent with it last winter, that in the spring when the days got a bit longer and we got a bit warmer, my pool took on a funny green color from the algae.
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    Going on vacation for 7 days

    If it were me, and I trusted the person to add the chlorine, I'd probably raise FC to near SLAM before leaving then instruct the helper to add 'these' jugs to pool on Sunday. Where 'these' jugs are whatever amount it takes for 4 days plus a little extra. This keeps it simple and is a one time...
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    Preparing for a LOT of guests

    With a CYA of 80 I'd probably pre-load the pool up to 12-14 ppm with bleach or liquid chlorine just before the party and keep the pump running and the SWCG generating. Then test post party and if low, re-load back to 12-14 and see how the FC reacts overnight. I've found with big uses like...
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    2 year pool owner, finally bought taylor test kit, now what?

    As low as your initial FC results indicated, it's quite likely you have something organic consuming the FC. I'm not sure how water temperature impacts chlorine use. My pool uses more FC when it gets warmer, but that's also the same time it gets more direct sunlight. There could be different...
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    Muratic Acid

    Here, only some of the Home Depot stores carry the full strength (pool section) MA and it's usually the larger stores. IIRC, it's $1 more for 2 gallons of the full strength versus the low odor. I've yet to see a Lowe's that carries the full strength.
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    What in the heck is eating my chlorine!

    I've seen my pool use upwards of 8 ppm FC on hot, sunny days when my CYA got down in the 20-30 range (unknowingly) and I was still trying to keep target FC in the 50-60 range. The higher the FC gets, the more is exposed to UV degradation and not protected by CYA. I'm not saying that you...
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    Liquid chlorine

    You sure it is 12.5%? Our Costco sells the 3 pack for $9.45 but it's 8.3%.
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    Liquid chlorine

    The Fry's grocery in my neighborhood has Kemtek 10% @ $4.99 for two gallons. Price has been like that for several weeks.
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    New to us home and pool!

    We bought our house in Tempe about a year ago and it came with a CYA of 80 or so. Between back washing and splash out it worked it's way down to under 50 this summer. I like keeping it in the 60 range and have added stabilizer as required. Although this last time it somehow got up to 70 and...
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    I'm getting RO done this week

    Tagged for interest. How did your salt level get so high?
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    2016 bleach prices

    I thought I read somewhere here that the household bleach is actually produced stronger than 8.25% so that it maintains at least that strength for some period of shelf life.
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    New pool owner in AZ with new TF-100 kit

    Bear Down That is all.
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    $100 if you can figure out the white "stuff" in my pool

    If you turn off the pump, does the 'stuff' settle or does it stay suspended in the water? The debris certainly appears large enough to be filtered out. So you're either producing a lot of whatever it is, or it's somehow bypassing the filter. I don't know anything about cartridge filters...
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    Olympic Pool

    I'm questioning the statement after the addition of the H2O2 "When the water was tested, the chlorine was still present in the correct amount for the water volume - so it took some days to figure this out." Could this be a true statement from a chemistry perspective? Is the chlorine still...