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    10% Liquid Chlor at Ollies $2.54/gal (with their 15% off thru tomorrow!)

    If you live near an Ollies, restock your shock! Normally $2.99/gal, everything is 15% off through tomorrow. So it's $2.54/gal.
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    Almost jumped the gun & stopped the SLAM with murky water!

    I started my SLAM with a green algae mess the evening of 5/18. It turned cloudy & blue, seemed like chlorine loss was only from sunlight over several days, and I was impatient & almost stopped the SLAM. Then I thought: better to listen to those that have done this countless times before. So...
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    Perma Salt to TFP Start up

    We have a 33’ round (25,600 gal) AG pool from Family Leisure. Instead of buying their seasonal PermaSalt kit this year ($399, but the same amounts for a 24’ or 33’?!) and then purchasing a lot of additional chlorine & pH Down, I decided to try TFP. So far, so good! Starting with dark green...
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    Don’t Judge! Tons of algae

    FC 0 pH 8 CYA <30 TA 80 Mucho algae (floating & at the bottom)- doing mustard shock levels after initial SLAM just to be sure! Just used my test kit for the 1st time. I’ve read & made notes on Pool School articles, but want to make sure I’ve got my order correct before dumping chemicals: 1.)...