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  1. jasonwbaggett

    Flash flooding got me!

    Welp, just popping in to add my “flash flood, creek surge, heavy rain, etc. flooded our inground pool” post. Nothing particularly unique about my situation except it’s a first time for me. And the water was perfect prior to this evening. :-| Looking at other posts, it could’ve been much worse...
  2. jasonwbaggett

    Debris in Buddy Seats

    Hi everyone! Man, the sun is out here in TN and I think I'm going to take my first (frigid) dip after the mowing the yard this evening! Speaking of mowing, grass clippings and debris... We have a free form, in ground, kinda kidney/lagoon shaped pool. On one side in the deep end we have some...
  3. jasonwbaggett

    2019 Bleach Prices

    Aside from the concern about the bleach being "old" my local Home Depot has a three pack at 10% that's a pretty good deal. 128 oz. 3-pack for $9.98. If you buy four or more it's $8.98. Model # 30128HDX Internet #303115700 Store SKU #1002762476
  4. jasonwbaggett

    Opening a Green Pool - Same Idea as a Clean Pool?

    Hi everyone! Because we had a baby born late last summer, I didn't do my due diligence keeping the pool as clean I should have leading up to closing. I kept the bulk of the leaves out but due to some stragglers and no pool cover, the water looks pretty murky and I'm sure there's some amount...
  5. jasonwbaggett

    Plan of Attack - Prepping for Replacement

    Hi everyone. I did some digging through Pool School and searching the forums -- so if I missed the post, please forgive me and point me in the right direction. ;) Is there a step-by-step process guide for what to do once the professionals leave after replacing our liner? Specifically the...
  6. jasonwbaggett

    How to Handle Leaking Liner in Winter?

    Hi everyone! I did a little forum searching and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so my apologies for repeating a question I'm sure you've all read a million times before. Long story short we bought a "new" house with a pool in need of some TLC. It looked great while showing but...
  7. jasonwbaggett

    New member, new house with old pool!

    Hi everyone! Hope everyone who was/or is in the path of a hurricane is keeping safe. So, my wife and I are 20 days away from hopefully closing on our next home. Cross your fingers, we're closing on both the house we're selling and buying on the same day. Anywho, once that goes through...