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    Which solar controller to use?

    I have a pentair superflo VS pentair part# 342001 and I had planned on getting a pentair solar touch. However after reading the manual for it there doesn't seem to be compatibility there. At least not officially since they reference intelliflow pumps. So my question is what solar controller...
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    Two speed or Variable speed pump? Which is better?

    Thanks for the replies. My current dead pump is 3/4 on low and 1 1/2 HP on high and was a pentair so a new one is a drop in replacement which is good for getting it closed this year. Low was enough flow to keep the SWG going. So I think from what I have read that the pentair 1-1/2 hp Superflo...
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    Two speed or Variable speed pump? Which is better?

    My old pump has started to die and I am just hoping to make it through closing for the season. Right now the dying pump is two speed and is only working on low anymore. It just makes a very short lived try and then clicks off when I try the high speed. Next year when I open I want to redo most...
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    Bonding issue...ways to bond the water??

    Well the shell is bonded and I can get continuity from the screws on the heater to the ground rod, but yet taking a wire from the ground rod where all the equipment is bonded all the way to the pool and tossing it in results in less of a shock. I'll have to dismantle the heater (raypak 2100) to...
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    Bonding issue...ways to bond the water??

    That is something I was investigating tonight and if I wet the concrete then put my hand on the wet concrete and one hand in the pool I do feel it where I have a cut on my hand. This is anywhere around the pool touching just wet concrete and the water. Have not made it to the heater to try and...
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    Bonding issue...ways to bond the water??

    Me too. From the lineman who found the issue. I'll be pressing them for info when they show up tomorrow.
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    Bonding issue...ways to bond the water??

    Yes I do have a heater. I was just thinking about that too. It's original and rather rusty...I wonder if I would be able to re-bond it in a location that is a bit less rusty. I'll look for the heat exchanger and see what type of clamp I need. As for the deck box...not sure what that means. I...
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    Bonding issue...ways to bond the water??

    My family is seeing a few shocks. I did a search here on shocking pools and got lots of threads which I have read in their entirety. I'm seeing Around a volt from a railing pocket at our stairs to the water. No Amps measurable. Not mili not micro, nothing. I see about .3 to .4 volts from a...
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    The "instant" salt value goes to 9999

    Well I can't say what happened. I usually call this CBM (cleared by magic). I inspected the cell and it looked clean, no scale and nothing in it. I put it back together and tried again and it started up and has been going ever since.
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    The "instant" salt value goes to 9999

    I used the taylor drop test with the silver nitrate to determine I am at 3200ppm for the salt. The "instant" value goes to 9999 and then falls to around 2600 before it says check salt and inspect cell. We just bought this place so I'll have to look and see if the previous owner left anything...
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    Aqua Rite no power. Wasn't CL or K1 relay

    I kept reading and eventually found this post: aquarite-not-generating-lights-not-on-t18264.html where they talk about the current limiting resistor going bad. I ordered one from digikey... desoldered the old one and soldered the new one in and the thing comes right up! Now I have a new issue...
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    Aqua Rite no power. Wasn't CL or K1 relay

    Wow! I came here searching for answers about my new (to me) aquarite and am having the same issues. I gave the unit power and it lights up does the no flow for a min then when I turn on it says generating. First time I left and did other stuff. When I came back to check on it the display was...
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    How do people get the water off their IG winter cover?

    Just to update this thread for any who come searching and find it... I eventually did get my replacement pump after a month of having a pool on my pool cover. Now in march 2011 the replacement has broken as well. I used this one to get the water off the cover last year that had been left by...
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    Pump run time in Winter

    Once I cover mine I turn the pump off until it gets cold enough to freeze and then I start running it again.
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    Can I leave my Blue Pearl in the pool overnight?

    My opinion on leaving a robot in when you shock is that you must! If you need to shock then I'll assume you most likely have algae. If you have algae when your robot is in the water and you take it out to shock.... wait until that process is done and then put the robot back in all you are doing...
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    One of my two skimmers suck more water than the other one

    I have the same issue, but blame whoever built the pool...I have no valve and the one that pulls well is much closer to the equip. pad. If you do have a valve to turn one off and other on try that. If not something as simple as a plug (I have used a tennis ball when I didn't have a plug) to...
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    Best thing to clean tiles on an indoor pool?

    For an indoor pool?
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    Pool Automation Suggestions

    sperok...have you seen this thread? open-source-pool-controller-t25840.html
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    DIY Solar heater questions

    DO NOT USE THAT PUMP!!! I did that my first year with solar panels. Same exact pump too... it can't take the chlorine (or something in the water). The thing is a piece of Crud and was frozen in three months as in rusted solid, shaft won't turn even by hand let alone when you plug it in. I tossed...
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    Cause for concern?

    Well, you do have your test kit already right? if not get your order in. pool-school/pool_test_kit_comparison If you do then what is your chlorine reading now? If there is none then I would pour some bleach in for sure. Use the brush to stir if your pump isn't functional yet. I would just...
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    Inground pool leaked down 8 inches overnite!

    You aren't on backwash or anything are you? Is the water staying at the level of the returns? In other words...did you siphon the water out (without knowing of course) after shutting the pump off?
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    weird backwash valve

    Sounds like a picture may help here. Post 'em if you got 'em!!
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    DIY pool heater

    Hadn't seen this one before...sorry if it is an old one. Made me chuckle. [youtube:181sop59]GGigjqUW8pQ[/youtube:181sop59]
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    Plaster Finish - Medium Gray - HELP!

    Keep in mind colors you see on the web are not REAL ...your computer can't display colors the way you can see them IRL (in real life) and the images you will see through are browser are heavily compressed. The only way to judge a color is in person. If you make your decision online you are very...
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    embarassing question - draining the pool

    Go to the pool store and buy a plug....only a few bucks and it will seal better than your tennis ball. Pay attention to what size your piping is before you go though.
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    replace mesh safety cover with solid

    I'll pretty much second what Kevin told you from my own experience. I got the solid (no drain panels because I figured what the heck is the point of some solid, but not all.) because my neighbor had the same issue you are having with shrek in the spring. Problem I had was after only a few...
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    Open source pool controller

    FYI...Bad link in the first paragraph on homepage: most people could figure out an extra http// but thought you'd like to know. http://http//
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    Loop loc Mesh vs Solid

    I'll 2nd that!! I used a hammer drill and it took me three weeks because it was killing me...the most I could do each day was five. That is mostly due to the composition of my decking, but still. Get the rotary!
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    How much do I run my pump now?

    Oh. Ok. So what do they call it if they have a wind farm or plain ol' fossil fuel plants providing their generation? Nevermind...don't need to get into here. I just didn't understand the comment because of it. That is all. Just plain confusing if you ask me, but I know... nobody did.
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    How much do I run my pump now?

    Forgive me if this is a canadian thing and I just don't get it, but what does cost of water have to do with when you run your pump?