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    Sump pump recommendation?

    Hi everyone, I am new to the site and to very green to owning a pool 😬 . I need to drain my pool to just below the pool light niche to add a bracket for the light. Could anyone reccomend a sump pump from Home Depot or Lowe’s I should purchase? Also, after I fill the pool back up is there...
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    I recently moved into my home with a pool (my first) and 2 of 3 incandescent pool and spa lights were leaking. The previous owner “fixed” them with regular silicone caulk...New gaskets didn’t work so I decided to upgrade. I am pretty handy with the right instructions and YouTube videos so I...
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    Hello from Texas!

    Hi everyone, I just moved into our home that has a pool and I have a lot to learn! My first project is replacing my pool and spa lights. The previous owner had caulked them to “seal” them from the leaks. That didn’t work... Needless to say I am going to replace them and upgrade. Also looking...