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    Intellibrite 5g and Easytouch upgrade

    one thing I'm thinking is I have to go back and look at this intelliflo pump. Right now it's wired to a relay but maybe it can be powered straight from the breaker and controlled by the low voltage side. I'm now just realizing that the intelliflo is connected to the load side of the relay -...
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    Intellibrite 5g and Easytouch upgrade

    Thank you, this is definitely a form compool with an easy touch upgrade around 2014/15. What are the best options for relays? I actually don't need anything beefy because all I want to run is a 300 watt pool light transformer.
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    Intellibrite 5g and Easytouch upgrade

    I recently swapped to my old pool and spa lights with intellibrite 5g lights (ouch, $1400) Anyway I am looking into using the easy touch/screenlogic Como to control the light. I think my easy touch should have come with 4 relays; my installer possibly took two relays when installing since they...
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    Install the forgotten IntelliChem or take a refund?

    I’d like to add that I put in the intellichem with acid only and swcg (ic40) in august 2022 It’s been running great and the pool is almost maintenance free (aside from quarterly Vac and filter wash)