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    New Pool Owners-- proper way to vacuum?

    If your pool is overfilled, like after a storm, you can vacuum to waste and kill two birds with one stone. Otherwise, I vacuum to filter and empty the pump basket right after.
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    Heatin' up

    Captain's Blood. Gosling's, rose's, bitters, club soda
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    Heatin' up

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    New pool owner: Tested my water with TF-100 kit. Please Help

    I would bring your FC up to slam level for your tested CYA with liquid chlorine (bleach or liquid shock ) and hold it there for 24 hours and then see if you can pass the OCLT test as your first goal.
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    Frustrated! Green water won't budge

    I have found that if u keep up the slam for 3-4 days with your pump on recirc, then vacuum to waste before switching to filtering produces the quickest results with the least amount of filter backwashing. YMMV.
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    Liquid Stabilizer vs Dry

    Paying for extra convenience when you want to is what disposable income is for!
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    CYA Adjustment Necessary..??

    I have a friend with a new plaster build last year.. he buys his MA by the case!
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    Liquid Stabilizer vs Dry

    The only thing liquid CYA is bad for is your wallet. :deal:
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    Raypak 156 natural gas heater issue wit lcd

    Yup .. turning it off and on a couple times usually helps. I suspect eventually I will have to replace my control board.
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    CYA Disappearing Act

    Happens to me every. single. year. When I open, 0 CYA. Mesh cover. Just one of the joys of SE Pennsylvania I guess.
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    Timing of Things

    What I like to do is nuke it up to slam level with chlorine with the valve set to recirc, let the pump run that way for about 48 hours while maintaining the chlorine at SLAM, then I shut the pump down for about 12 hours to let all the dead stuff and debris settle, then vacuum all that awful...
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    Highly Recommended Organizer- With a Caveat

    Cool. Glad you liked it.
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    DE Filter Help/Guidance

    If you don't have a multiport valve, consider installing one next season. That will give you the options of Recirculate, Backwash, Rinse, Waste, Filter, and Closed. I usually do my first 2 days of opening SLAM on recirc so none of the Crud goes near my filter, then I shut the pump down for...
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    New pool owner from Switzerland

    I could get WAY down with the fondue vending machines!! :)
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    New pool owner from Switzerland

    Holiday in London? ;) This is what I don't understand about Europe... super high-tech High-Speed trains, gigantic smooth bore tunnels through mountains and under the Channel, giant particle accelerators, Tokamaks, but no test kits...
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    Filter issues? Please help

    Sounds to me like someone used flocculant or other gummy nonsense then vacuumed it into the filter. That's probably what gummed up your sand.
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    DE Stainless Steel Filter clamps leaking

    Did you get your filter squared away?
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    Filter issues? Please help

    Sounds like you are trying to hit a homer against Max Scherzer in the 2019 World Series ... perhaps patience is the key
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    DE Stainless Steel Filter clamps leaking

    You don't turn off pump... just open valve until only water comes out, then close it. Take note of pressure now. When it rises 25% from this point, time to backwash and replace 80% of DE.
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    Broken pipe in heater

    Can't tell anything from the picture ... why not try fixing the pipe before spending thousands...
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    Hayward Heater smell

    There is a leak somewhere .. get a spray bottle filled with soapy water and test all conections
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    How to check for safe pH when above 10 FC following SLAM

    Seriously folks, all jesting aside, PLEASE don't lick trichlor tabs!!! It ends in tears...